How YouTube relaxing Music Can Make You Relax in Minutes?

Megha Choudhary

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We all want to go to a magical place. A city or a fortress or a deep forest where a leaf of trees speaks and an angel sings. Birds carry the scent of the heavens and a river flowing in deep. The sound of flowing water creates a melody that is soothing to the heart. 

I believe magic is real and what I think about those magical. Well, I really don’t know. They may be actual places; they may be not. All those can be just a great lovely imagination of the human mind but I believe magic is real.

forest and river

And believe me, sitting on stairs and watching the rain with soft music creates magic. Listening to relaxing music while in the metro station can create magic. Have you ever felt like that too? If not you are missing many magical moments in your life. 

Basically, those have nothing to do with magic. It’s the music that makes you feel magic. Music is an integral part of us from the very beginning of life. All over the world, every civilization has its own kind of music. Music that can heal anyone’s heart; music that can make people laugh and cry; music that can make you feel more of yourself. 

Due to the worldwide competition in each & every sector of human work; people are more stressed, least happy and trying to find a couple of relaxing breaths in their lives. Music is a way they can create some soulful moments in life. 

In this article, I am going to share with you how music can change a person’s mental health and how YouTube’s relaxing music is helping in a prominent way.

How music affects our mental state:

Music is a tool that people have used for centuries and centuries for their entertainment, for their rituals and many more events. It’s an ancient heritage that we are carrying. 

Little did we know that it really can create some kind of magic like healing. Researchers at Stanford University have stated that listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. 

The very reason behind this is the frequency of songs. While upbeat music has a high frequency that can lift your mood & make you more optimistic, slow and soothing music can calm your stressful mind and sad music can make you feel heartbroken. 

Modern research says that music with 60 beats per minute has a resonance factor with the alpha waves present in our minds. These alpha waves work in our minds more efficiently when we feel relaxed. These alpha waves have a frequency range of 8-14 Hz per second. In the same pattern, to sleep a delta brainwave of 5 Hz arises in our brain and music with a plodding tempo can really make you fall asleep faster. 

How YouTube is helping people through music:

 Music has been a profound tool for entertainment in every civilization. It’s an ancient heritage that we carry. But after the invention of the internet, music has become super accessible for all people. And with time it is increasing day by day.

YouTube has become the most popular site for listening to music. There are thousands and thousands of people on YouTube who are actors, singers, musicians and artists. All over the world, all of the kind.

Over the last few years, YouTube relaxing music has created a different style of music. You can recognize it by the texture it gives. A steady wallpaper, soothing music and a little bit of animation make this magical. YouTube’s relaxing music is creating a vast audience for itself. 

Well according to my understanding, if you search for Youtube relaxing music, it will not give you a proper result. YouTube relaxing music will lead your search to many YouTube relaxing music video links that would include many more subgenres like meditation music, peaceful music, soothing music or calming sleep music. 

All these genres of YouTube relaxing music are made up of one or two instruments (generally classical American, drums and Indian string instruments). These instruments create some soothing melody music that is slow in progression and has a low-frequency rate and low tempo. 


Meditation music really creates a great ambience for good sleep with its melodies and soothing music search can lead you to chill jazz and pop music. Listening to country music can also be a great choice for chill out in a rainy evening. 

How music helps us in our health improvement:  

  • Immune System:

Recent research has shown that listening to melody YouTube relaxing music has a beneficial effect on the immune system of human beings. Listening to melody music certainly increases the levels of IgA antibodies in the human body and that helps a significant increment in the immune system.

  • Improved memory:

Some music really triggers my own past memories. This YouTube relaxing music brings our memories in front of our eyes like a film. Well, scientists noticed that and tried whether music can heal memory loss problems. This leads them to examine a group of people who had dementia. One group who was listening to melody music regularly really had improvements in their mood orientation and memory. Hence music can help cure dementia. 

  • Better Exercise:

Listening to music while doing exercise is something that most people do. Generally in the gym, you can listen to upbeat music, full of energy. Well, research has shown that motivational music leads to higher endurance levels in humans. This leads people to perform their best in physical strength. 

  • Good sleep: 

Having a good is nowadays very rare for many people. Stress, workload and hectic life routine have given us an unhealthy sleep pattern. Well, the good news is that melody YouTube relaxing music has its solution. It is observed that listening to YouTube relaxing music for half an hour can give you a sound sleep. 

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