Would you also vote for the Giant Meteor in the forthcoming American election as many did in 2016?

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The 2016 American Elections was something out of the box. Not really though, it was a simple election process same as all the previous ones but one thing that made it totally different & unique was its poll opinion. People were not happy as they were getting two candidates for the president’s position; the first was Donald Trump and the second was Henry Clinton. 

The results came out and Donald Trump won the president’s election. Soon he became the successor of Barack Obama as the president. But were people happy? In a democratic country, this is the most valuable question. Are the people of my country happy? Well, I personally would not drop a single comment on it. Our topic is not that. Our topic is limited to the public’s choice of a giant meteor over the candidates of the election. 

So be with me and I will tell you the whole story of a giant meteor winning the presidential election. 

gaint meteor

What is Giant Meteor 2020 and where did it originate?

Giant Meteor 2020 is a kind of a campaign that was started just as a joke but people took it way more seriously than anyone expected it. This all started with the president’s election of America in 2016. 

In 2016, the American presidential election was a hot topic for the world as everyone expected it. Our former president of America Donald Trump was on the candidate’s list and on his against, stood Hilary Clinton. Well, we all know what happened. Mr. Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in America and defeated his opponent Hilary Clinton by almost 100 seats. 

Trump won the elections whereas Clinton won the popular vote against Trump.  But on the other hand, there were people who wanted neither of them. Not one or two but the number of people who wanted none of them was huge. No doubt these were mainly youngsters who were disappointed in the nation’s choice of the next president. They thought this situation was the worst one could imagine. In their words, not one of them is qualified enough and has the personality that is needed to live in the White House. 

Here comes the question what is Giant Meteor 2016? When the 2016 presidential elections were on the head; young people were dissatisfied with their choices so some of them said that they would like to have a giant meteor destroy the earth rather than vote for these two candidates. 

What were the statistics of the survey about the Giant Meteor 2016 election?

The Giant Meteor 2020 story is totally a result of the statistics of the survey that Joshua Dyck who is the co-director of UMass Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion. In this survey, Joshua chose 1247 real voters maximum of which were aged 18 to 35. Nearly 53% of them preferred to have a giant meteor destroy the earth rather than choosing one between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 

39% of the total said that they would prefer Barak Obama to continue the mantle till his life than hand over the president’s chair to Trump or Clinton. 26 % of the total of them suggested choosing the next leader with a lottery in a random manner. Nearly 23 % of the total chose a giant meteor in 2020 over Trump or Clinton. 

The research showed one thing to everyone. However, it was a joke and people didn’t take it seriously but this survey showed how much people were actually dissatisfied with the politics of the country and its political leaders. One among the four people chose a giant meteor in 2020 over their future leaders.   

Giant Asteroid 2020 Bumper Sticker Story:

Giant Meteor was a superb idea for people who creates meme. This idea is hilarious as well as a comment very well hidden. Soon in 2016, everywhere the giant Meteor 2020 meme was trending. Over the internet and in the minds of people; everyone was aware of this trending meme of giant Meteor 2020. On Twitter, even one hashtag was in trend for this. #giantmeteor2016. This hashtag went viral very soon. 

Over time the evolution of Giant Meteor 2020 started and the meme went by many different versions. One of them was a rectangular picture edited from Bernie Sanders stickers and placed the words Giant meteor 2020 and it just ended. 

Ben Stucki started it all in a physical form. Ben is the guy who saw the picture of edited Sanders Stickers and decided to keep one for his own car. But as we all know everything does not come as you wish so he ordered for 50 pieces of prints of giant Meteor 2020 stickers with just the end already printed on it. He became an Amazon reseller and put 48 pieces of stickers for sale and bingo! All sold out. Till today thousands of those stickers have been sold out and Ben Stucki is currently earning handsome money from it. 

While being the first reseller of this sticker, Ben was honest enough to say that it was not idea and creativity. He saw it on Facebook. Soon after this incident, a man named Preston Whited emailed Ben to thank him for making that sticker in physical form. 

He said that he had been observing the evolution of this meme since the very beginning and now he is really thankful to Ben for making it a real physical thing to show to the public. 

My personal talk on this situation: 

So why did all this happen? First of all, if we are talking about politics; this is one of those few topics that will never end of opinions and their refutations among people. People will judge each other on the basis of their leader’s good & bad qualities. And then somewhere a sign comes to show us the real picture of the country. What does Giant Meteor 2020 mean to me? It resembles me of poetries, it resembles those creative ways when the public showed their denial and dissatisfaction towards their current politics. So is Giant Meteor 2020 a sign of forthcoming transformation?

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