Why Is Delta 8 A Youth Favorite?

With new additions appearing in the cannabis market daily, fresher products are quickly replacing traditional marijuana. More people now use cannabis by-products than marijuana or Delta 9 THC, for that matter. One strong contender overtaking Delta 9 is its sister compound, Delta 8. It is a cannabis product with all health benefits minus the overwhelming psychoactive effects. So let us find out what merits make Delta 8 products, like Delta 8 gummies, popular among youngsters these days.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Before diving into its pros and cons, let us brush over the introduction of Delta 8 THC. As the name suggests, Delta 8 is a variation of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. You would know THC as its Delta 9 version, which is present in marijuana plants.

Though most manufacturers chemically produce Delta 8 THC, most people consider it a superior THC variant. Delta 8 has attracted customers skeptical about consuming cannabis solely due to its advantages.

Delta 8 is very similar to Delta 9 since they share many health benefits. However, a minute change in the molecular structure of Delta 8 significantly changes its effects. It is these effects that the users prefer over using traditional marijuana.

What Makes Delta 8 Unique?

As mentioned, Delta 8 has a unique molecular structure. The psychoactive effects of Delta 8 differ from Delta 9 due to its molecular makeup. Delta 8 gives users a well-balanced high, contrary to Delta 9. You can see that fact even in NCI’s definition of Delta 8.

Many people find Delta 9’s psychoactive effects far too intense and bothersome. Hence, Delta 8 can be a better choice by giving less harsh psychoactive effects while maintaining its health benefits. 

Otherwise, Delta 8 is similar to Delta 9 in health benefits. It can alleviate pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness and still not overwhelm you with its effects. Undoubtedly, Delta 8 is all set to take over the market due to its merits.

Why The Youth Prefers Delta 8 Products

Younger users from 21 and up mostly prefer non-traditional cannabis products more than marijuana. Many believe that the reason for this is the innovative profile of newly developed products. And perhaps fresher products do suit the preferences of modern users more.

But their time in the market is not the only factor that has made them trendy. Delta 8 products have so much to offer, which makes customers go head over heels for them. Let us look at some of the main features of Delta 8 products that make them youth favourites:

Balanced and Calming High

Delta 8 does have psychoactive effects, but they are mild and calming. Delta 8 gives its users a balanced high, meaning it doesn’t overwhelm them. It helps their mind feel slight euphoria and relaxation after consumption.

However, unlike Delta 9, these feelings do not come with anxiety, paranoia, or other side effects. Perhaps this feature appeals to the working youth more as they can consume Delta 8 without hindering their day-to-day activities.

Medical Benefits

Like all other cannabis products, Delta 8 offers many health benefits to users. Upon consuming Delta 8, users report feeling reduced pain, nausea, anxiety, stress, etc. Many Delta 8 users use it to deal with bodily or mental disease symptoms.

Especially with the increasing number of mild mental and physical illnesses today, the youth uses Delta 8 as a supplement. And true to its status, it can curb uncomfortable symptoms of many issues.

Mood Improvement

Delta 8 can affect your mood and mental state more than you can imagine. When Delta 8 THC interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors, it signals the body to relax fully. In such a state, Delta 8 also boosts dopamine production.

Dopamine is a hormone that makes you happy and euphoric- thus improving your mood substantially. It can also remove stress and anxiety from your mind, relaxing or energising you. 

Fewer Side Effects

Delta 8 products are much safer than marijuana or Delta 9 products. As you read above, Delta 8 has a moderate psychoactive effect on users. It means that Delta 8 also does not have many side effects of Delta 9.

Side effects like paranoia, anxiety, nausea, and more are absent when using Delta 8. Studies on Delta 8 have further backed this notion and mentioned how Delta 8 is the safer alternative to Delta 9. It is why the youth may prefer it, to avoid increasing their symptoms or feeling overwhelmed.

More Widely Available and Legal

Delta 9 THC and marijuana products remain federally illegal and banned in some states. However, many Delta 8 products come from industrial hemp plants, not marijuana. Manufacturers use CBD or Delta 9 in hemp to ultimately derive Delta 8 extract. 

So under the 2018 Farm Bill, they are legal to use federally and in some states. Youngsters often go for Delta 8, as it is more widely available and legal in their areas. However, you must check your state laws before purchasing any Delta 8 products.

Are Delta 8 Products Safe for The Youth?

Since even Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive compound, many people wonder if they are safe for all users, especially the youth. There has been much speculation about cannabis negatively affecting the brain before. However, there is no evidence backing most of these theories behind cannabis.

The only potential danger in using Delta 8 is overdosing on it. Even then, the side effects are not long-lasting or life-threatening. For this reason, the government has imposed an age restriction on purchasing, growing, or consuming cannabis products.

As long as a user over 21 responsibly doses Delta 8, they can safely attain its health benefits. Since most Delta 8 products come with a recommended dosage, it is easy to do so. Even with the recommended amount of Delta 8, the user can attain a relaxing high and numerous advantages.


Newer cannabis products have taken over the cannabis market due to their innovative effects. Since they have gotten formulated recently, they appeal more to the younger consumers of such products.

Delta 8 capsules, oil, and vapes are especially popular due to their superior safety profile. While conserving all the benefits of cannabis, Delta 8 ensures that the user does not face any side effects. Hence, it makes them one of the most trending cannabis products among young people recently.

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