What do you need to know about Spiderman DC relations?

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Spiderman No Way Home has come into the theaters now. The movie has also crossed the highest superhero movie collection record in 2021. No doubt the movie had so many surprises for the audience. From five villains to three Spider guys, the movie made us awe every 20 minutes. 

Spiderman has always been a profitable character for Marvel. But what if I tell you that DC Comics had brought their own wall-crawler superhero before marvel had any idea of Spiderman. Spiderman has also appeared in many crossover events. This creates confusion among fans. IS Spiderman DC or Marvel?  

What’s the whole story of Spiderman DC? Read the full article to know. 


Which studio does Spiderman belong to?

Spiderman came into existence in 1964. The great Stan Lee has created this character for marvel comics. Spiderman’s comics became super popular and brought thousands of dollars to the comic owner. Spiderman soon becomes the most favorite superhero of all time. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for marvel comics. In the middle of the 90s, they were at the edge of bankruptcy. Marvel comic went broke. The company decided to sell its character rights to some different studios to make games and films on them. Spiderman was one of them. 

Marvel sold Spiderman to Sony in the early 2000s. In 2002, Sony made one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Toby Macquarie’s Spiderman. The movie did fantastic in the theaters and changed people’s mindset towards superhero films. 

Then Sony made two more films with Toby and then rebooted it with the amazing Spiderman starring Andrew Garfield. In the year 2016, marvel signed a deal with Sony to use Spiderman in their MCU. Till 2016, MCU was already established very well. 

The Tom Holland starrer new Spiderman movies performed well on the box office and tom became the new web-slinger superhero. Currently, Marvel and Sony have made a new deal for this Spiderman for fair use in the movies of both studios. 

Tarantula- the DC’s Spiderman:

Spiderman made its debut in 1962’s amazing fantasy #15. Long before that in 1941’s golden age star-spangled comics #1 DC has brought their wall-crawler Tarantula, the Spiderman DC. 

The original tarantula does not have any supernatural powers. He was a novelist and knows many dark secrets of the underworld. He then starts his crime-fighting vigilante career with a mask. 

His special abilities are wall-crawling and shooting liquid spurting to his enemies. Though he does those things with man-made technology. He uses suction cups in his shoes to climb the wall and guns to shoot web-like material. 

Later this character takes retirement from his superhero life and becomes a full-time novelist. 

Marvel and DC cross events:

Amalgam comics: 

In April 1996 and later in June 1997, Marvel and DC comics shared their characters. They merged them into new characters. Amalgam comics published this comic series. 

In these two comics, marvel and DC came up with their most beloved superheroes and merged them. 

In the story, DC and marvel universe both exist in the multiverse. There are two brothers in the comics. In the comics, they find about the two universes and try to destroy each other. 

The characters fight each other to prevent their universe from destruction. At the last the Access, an inter-dimensional character merged the two universes where we got to see newly developed characters from our old ones. 

Captain America and Superman become Super Soldier. Batman and wolverine become Dark Claw. 

The researcher Peter Parker made his own clone. General Ross who is hulk’s nemesis in marvel comics adopted the boy. Later the boy became the Spiderman DC aka spider boy in Amalgam comics.  

Superman VS the amazing Spiderman Volume 11: 

The two superheroes met in the comic Superman VS the amazing Spiderman Volume 11. The comic starts with a fight between Superman and Lex Luthor. Superman fights with a tall robot of Lex. During the fight, he somehow managed to steal a program from the STAR labs. Superman traces the path and finds Lex again. Lex transports the program circuit to some unknown places. While superman captures him and puts him in prison. 

In New York City, Spiderman DC had a fight with a gang of Dr. Octopus. DC Spiderman beats the gang and reaches to Dr. Octopus. Dr. Octopus hit Spiderman with a flying octopus. However, after a sound fight, Spiderman takes Dr. Octopus to prison. 

The two villains meet up in the prison. They meet and break out from the jail in New Mexico. 

The two heroes encounter each other in a press conference where a duplicate superman DC shows up and confronts Lois Lane and Mary Jane. Peter and Clark suit up and come face to face. After a little fight between them, they realize that n the villain has tricked them. 

The two heroes become a team and find the real plan of Lex Luthor. Lex reveals that he wants to create a chain reaction weather system that will destroy the earth. He then will demand 10 billion dollars from the US government to control this. 

Superman goes to stop the tidal wave that Lex generated and in the injustice satellite, Spiderman DC fights both of them. As soon as Dr. Octopus understands the plan, he then turns his side and stops Lex. 

Superman and Spiderman DC take their nemesis to prison.   

Final Thought about the Spiderman DC:  

Spiderman is the most iconic superhero of all time. He also has his own multiverse named spider-verse. The reason behind his popularity is his real-life problems with him. 

Peter Parker is just a 16 years old boy. He struggles with money, family, love life, and his responsibilities. Even after all this, he wears his mask and saves the city every day.  

The friendly neighborhood Spiderman does not limit itself to marvel comics only. In two different comics, he became the partner of superman and other universe superheroes. 

Spiderman no doubt belongs to the marvel comics. But his popularity does limit it to die-hard fans of MCU. This surely creates confusion among the people that which studio does he belong to. Is Spiderman Marvel or DC character?  

However, I am sure this blog helped you to understand the full history of the Spiderman DC Marvel crossover. 

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