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How to watch The Proposal online free (2009)

watch the proposal online free
watch the proposal online free

Whether it is a classic old movie or a new generation movie, love stories are something that we all love without a single doubt. Throughout the years of cinema, romantic movies are in trend and it will never go out of that. Cause love is an integral part of our life and every person on this earth likes to love and to be loved. This article is about watching The Proposal online free.

Well, I am going to talk about one of my personal favorite movie ‘The Proposal’.

You can watch the proposal free online on 123movies. 

Story of watch The Proposal online free:

The Proposal movie’s story revolves around two major characters: Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds and Margaret Tate played by Sandra Bullock. Other than these two characters Mary Steenburgan, Craig T. Neilson, Betty White, Oscar Nunez, Malin Akerman, Denis O’Hare, Michael Nourl, Aasif Mandvi and Michael Mosley are in different supporting roles.

First Half of watch The Proposal online free: 

Margaret Tate is an executive editor-in-chief of a New York book publishing company. She is a not so pleasant boss who carries a rude attitude towards everyone. This is why everybody hates her. Andrew Paxton who is the assistant of Margaret Tate also doesn’t like her as her boss and wants to get free from her. 

Well, things starts to go change when Margaret’s visa got expired and as because she is a Canadian, her living days in America are over now. But she does not want to leave her job and America so she plays a game. She calls her assistant Andrew and tells her boss a lie that they are in a relationship and soon they will marry each other. 

This news got spread like the forest fire in the whole office and nobody is happy about this. Later they start trolling Andre for being in a relationship with their rude boss. Andrew was also a smart guy and ask Margaret to promote him in exchange for a fake marriage. 

They both set a deal for the marriage. Later Andrew took Margret to his home to meet his parents. 

2nd half of the movie: 

At Andrew’s hometown Sitka, Margaret meets Andrew’s mom Grace, and Andrew’s grandmother Annie. During the trip to Sitka, Margaret realizes that nearly every shop is named after Paxton family that making Andrew the only heir of a wealthy family. 

Hereafter many years of loneliness Margaret finds a family who loves and cares for her. Soon she also finds out that Andrew and his father don’t like each other. Joe, the father of Andrew thinks that his son is using his boss to stabilize his career. 

She asks him about that but Andrew hesitates to speak. But for a shock, Margaret speaks about her life and how after the death of her parents, she is all alone and she really likes this place and his family. 

Soon Andrew’s family convinces Margaret and Andrew to marry while they are in Sitka. Margaret realizes her mistake and took Andrew on a boat trip in the waters. There she and Andrew talk about their lie and about to be a fake marriage. 

Soon Andrew starts riding the motorboat and in ignorance, they were about to hit a buoy. Andrew takes a sharp turn to save the boat from an accident and during this Margaret falls from the boat. 

Andrew turns his boat and saves Margaret. Later on the marriage day in front of the whole church Margaret discloses her plan for this fake marriage and leave. Joe and Andrew starts fighting again. To stop them Anni acts of a heart attack and made them promise not to fight again. 

Andrew goes back to the office, asks Margaret for marriage (for real this time). Both knew that they have feelings for each other. Margaret says yes and both kisses each other. 

You can watch the proposal online free on 123movies.

The Proposal

Reviews of The Proposal full movie:

Padmavat movie mixed reviews. On IMDB its rating is 6.7/0 and on rotten tomatoes, it is given 44% fresh. The proposal is a sweet American romantic movie about a couple of Andrew and Margaret. The movie performed well in cinemas. It collected about $ 164 million till October of the year 2011. Nearly 63% of its viewers were females, 785 were eighteen and older than that. 715 of the audience were classified as couples. 

On my personal view, this movie reflects the value of having a family and a person’s choices. In the time of movies full of action and larger-than-life movies like superhero movies; the Proposal reminds you what really matters in life. It shows you about no so dark side of your life and tells you that people no matter how rude they are; also want love from someone. 

You can watch the proposal online free on 123movies. 

How you can watch The Proposal online free:

The Proposal is a movie that can make your whole evening special. However, if you want to watch The Proposal online free, here are some great sites for this. 

  1. 123 movies: 123movies is a very simple website. Here you can watch the proposal online 123movies in HD very easily.
  2. Popcornflix: popcornflix allows you to freely watch any movie you want.
  3. Plex: Plex is a wonderful website to watch the proposal 123movies online free. Its user-friendly UI allows you to experience the best of movies.

You can watch the proposal online free on 123movies. 

Character details:

Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate: A rude boss lady who is an editor in chief in a book publishing house. She plans a fake marriage with her assistant Andrew who actually is a very rich guy. Later she realizes her mistake and admits her planning in front of everyone. Little did she know that she has developed for Andrew?

Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton: Andrew works as an assistant for his editor in chief Margaret who is actually a Canadian. As her visa time is over, she forces him for a fake marriage. Later they both go to meet Andrew’s family and slowly fell in love with each other. 

You can watch the proposal online free on 123movies.


Thank you for reading this blog. Hopefully, this will help to watch the proposal online free. We have already given you some websites to watch the proposal online free.

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