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Gambling is a high-risk thing to do. Despite that, many professional gamblers play it very well. They earn their living, and they keep their lifestyle well-maintained. But most of them do not show off. They try to keep a low profile hidden behind the walls from the world’s eye. People are curious about Vegas Dave net worth.

But Vegas Dave is indeed totally the opposite of that. Instead of hiding, he comes and comes again on different platforms to show off their winning bets and become a high-class influencer worldwide. He desires everybody must know him. More than that, his claims to beat the sportsbooks are very highly odd. If you don’t yet know what sports betting is, who in the world Vegas Dave is, and how much Vegas Dave’s net worth is, then be with me. I will give you everything you need to know.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Sports bettors place their bets legally, through a bookmaker/ sportsbook, or illegally through privately run enterprises.

Who is Vegas Dave?

Dave Oancea is mainly known as Vegas Dave. Vegas Dave was born on 10th Dec 1976. He was born in Michigan, United States of America. He is originally from Hawaii.

Almost 15 years ago, he left his home in Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to Las Vegas. He took a student loan of $1000 for his studies. When he came to Las Vegas, he told his family and others that he would study. 

After coming to Las Vegas, he became a professional sports bettor. He took a student loan for this. And he started his education too, but he chose a different path, and soon he became a name in the world. Today Dave Vega’s net worth is way more than what he borrowed once.

Vegas Dave early life:

Vegas Dave came to Las Vegas almost 15 years ago. He completed his studies at the University of Nevada. Some reports say he started his first gambling in his school days only. In a betting game, he bet $10000 that he borrowed from the bank as a student loan. As a result, he took that double that money and took them back to his home. 

But not every day can be your lucky day. Vegas Dave also faced losing bets. He lost many chances, failed to gain what he had, and lost a lot of money. He once had to file for bankruptcy. But this instance was finished. The good bits were put in place by him. And in this, a group called ‘Gambler’s Anonymous helped him immensely. They taught him the skills and money management to stand on sports betting. 

Soon Vegas Dave started to sell his bets which became a successful business. This is how Vegas Dave’s net worth has increased.

Vegas Dave Professional life:

When Vegas Dave jumped into professional gambling, he was not more than a kid. He jumped into it, won considerably, and lost it too. His journey of professional gambling is much like a personal adventure journey that has given him experience like a roller coaster. 

Over the years, his betting became more and more accurate and gave him a lot of wealth. But with this, he also maintained his brand name. Over the years, he was called by a new nickname, “future king.” 

Once, he won a bet of $208,000 from a chance of $8000. One time Dave won $2.5 million on the winning Kansas City Royals. This was one of the biggest payouts of sports gambling history. Dave has also won $340,000 by just placing a $30,000 bet. With the winning of Holly Holm, Dave won $240,000 with just $20,000.

Vegas Dave’s net worth in 2019 was almost $8 million. 

In 2017 Vegas Dave was banned from many Las Vegas sportsbooks for misusing social security numbers. Vegas Dave also gave $550,000 as a penalty.

Today he does not play sports or gamble but teaches other people how to play. He has a youtube channel, and he also sells packages that promise people that if they follow his advice, they can win 85% of their total bets. Let me tell you that it is a considerable number.

Vegas Dave net worth: Vegas Dave boastful acts about his predictions

Vegas Dave sells packages that promise people that they can win 85% of their total bets if they follow his advice. Let me tell you that it is a considerable number. He has over 10000 people who are pleased clients of his. 

He touts himself as the world’s best handicapper. His predictions were so unique and different that anyone would think these predictions as impossible and game-losing predictions. 

Of course, when it comes to calculating the percentage of winning, big stars keep their ratio at 57% of their betting. Vegas Dave has over 2 million followers on Instagram and always comes live to give his talks to his followers. He states that he can help gamblers break even. No doubt his target is the moon when he talks.

Vegas Dave Net Worth:

Vegas Dave sports betting is a name among few, or even very few, who have defined a new age of this profession. But Vegas Dave’s net worth does not only comes from gambling. Vegas Dave net worth also includes his hit youtube channel and Instagram. When he came to Las Vegas, Vegas Dave’s net worth was $10000, but today Vegas Dave net worth is more than $8 million.

His youtube channel name is itsVegasDaveTV. 

You can also connect to him on Instagram. His Instagram id is ‘itsvegasdave.’

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