Have You Been in an Uber Accident? Here’s What to Do

Rajiv Gupta

As of the fourth quarter of 2020, Uber had 93 million monthly active platform consumers (MAPCs). Moreover, the ride-hailing service reported 1.44 billion booked trips in the same period. One reason behind Uber’s popularity is that it can cost less than a taxi ride, especially for longer trips. Moreover, it provides US consumers a way to avoid the cost of car ownership, which, in 2020, averaged $9,561. Unfortunately, that popularity has also given rise to high Uber accident rates.

For that reason, it pays to know what you should do immediately after being in an Uber auto accident. We’ve rounded up the steps you need to take in this guide, so be sure to keep reading.

Check if Anyone Has Injuries

Stressful or life-threatening situations, including car crashes, trigger your body’s fight-or-flight response. The body releases adrenaline, also called epinephrine, into your system. It’s a hormone that can reduce your perception or ability to feel pain.

So, you might feel little to no pain at all, even if you’ve sustained a car crash injury.

For the same reason, it’s vital to check yourself for injuries right after an auto accident in Uber. Then, ask the other passengers and the Uber driver if they’re okay.

If everyone in your vehicle is okay, check on the occupants of the other involved car.

Call 911 or a local emergency hotline if anyone is experiencing profuse bleeding. Do the same if someone is non-responsive, unable to move, or can’t get out of the car.

Notify the Police

In most states, it’s a requirement to call the police if a motor vehicle crash results in injuries. The same goes for those that cause property damage reaching a specific dollar amount. For example, it’s a must to call California police if a crash causes over $1,000 in property damage.

The involved drivers, in turn, are usually the ones who should call the police in such cases. However, you should still do the same, even if you’re an Uber passenger. That way, you can ensure the accident will have an official record.

Remember to ask for the names and badge numbers of the law enforcement officers you talk to or who come to the scene.

File a Report With Uber

Part of the Uber car accident process is for drivers to notify the company of what happened. One reason is that Uber maintains a $1 million third-party liability on behalf of its drivers. However, that coverage only applies to online drivers at-fault for the accident.

As a passenger, though, you should still contact Uber and tell them about the incident. Just like calling the police, notifying Uber yourself ensures your case is official. One company’s representatives will contact you, so keep your lines open.

Talk to Witnesses and Gather Evidence

Even if the police go to the accident site, they still need time to travel to the location. A lot can happen then, such as potential witnesses leaving the scene.

So, it’s best to scout the area for people who may have seen the accident while you wait for law enforcers to arrive. Speak to pedestrians, store owners, or anyone uninvolved in the crash. Ask them if they’re willing to give name their names and have their accounts on record.

It’s also wise to take as much photographic evidence of the scene as possible. For example, you can use your smartphone’s camera to snap pictures of the cars involved. Also, note the road and weather conditions and any hazards that may have contributed to the crash.

Undergo a Medical Check-up

Some auto accident injuries can have delayed symptoms, including concussions and whiplash. These injuries may take days, sometimes even weeks, to exhibit signs. That’s why it’s vital to check with a doctor immediately after your Uber accident.

In addition, a doctor can help establish a link between your injuries and the Uber accident. Moreover, the medical expert will have your check-up details in writing. You can use this as evidence when you file a claim coverage with the ride-sharing platform.

By contrast, waiting too long to get medical help can make the claim process more difficult. For example, Uber can deny coverage and claim your injuries weren’t due to a crash while using its service.

Speak to an Uber Accident Attorney

As comprehensive as Uber’s insurance coverage may be, it has many limitations.

Let’s use the $1 million third-party liability coverage as an example. That only applies to an online driver who already accepted a ride request and then caused a crash. Uber may deny coverage if the driver doesn’t meet all those criteria.

In that case, no one involved the accident may receive any compensation or coverage. Not the Uber driver, their passengers, or the third parties concerned.

That’s one of the instances wherein you should reach out to a local Uber accident lawyer. It’s even more important if you’ve sustained severe injuries or considerable property damage. Your chosen attorney can also help you file a lawsuit against Uber itself.

In any case, an Uber accident lawyer can aid you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. That may include coverage for medical expenses and lost wages, among many others.

Besides, some Uber accident attorneys don’t charge fees upfront. They only do after they’re successful in recovering compensation on your behalf.

Safeguard Your Rights as an Uber Accident Victim

Please remember that accidents involving Uber occur in the thousands each year. While most are non-fatal, many can still be severe enough to cause injuries.

So, follow all the steps in this guide if you’ve been in a recent Uber accident (or if you ever get involved in one). That way, you can protect your rights and, if applicable, get the compensation you deserve.

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