Two Block Haircut for a Fresh and Clean Look in 2023

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Are you planning to get the popular two block haircut lately? Yes! Then you are in luck and in the absolute right place. Most of the time, men get a haircut that isn’t just trending but also enhances their facial features. The haircuts aim to provide a fresh and chic look throughout. In persuasion, two-block is the most popular haircut amongst celebrities and common people. 

The hairstyle is completely different and interpreted as the upgraded version of the undercut. In two-block, other blocks crafted have a lower and upper block. The lower and side blocks are wholly shaved off or trimmed off. At the same time, the top of the crown is always medium to long. It further depends on the particular style that the individual aims for. 

So, if you plan to get this haircut lately, we have your back. We have curated the details you need to know beforehand to persuade you to get this prominent haircut as soon as possible.

What is Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut is the most popular form of haircut amongst men. It features:

  • short sides, 
  • a short back, 
  • a longer top and 
  • crown. 

It is entirely different from fades and tapered cuts. It is due to the reason that this particular form of haircut ends up having different hair lengths that only partially blend. 

The two-block is entirely different from the other most popular undercut two blocks. It is because the two-block cut has a clear and contrasting change between the upper and the lower block. In this way, two-block is a disconnected and sharpened form of the popular undercut. 

The hair is trimmed from the lower block. But, the upper block at the top of the crown is left with much longer-length hair. In this way, this is the perfect haircut to enlarge and elongate men’s facial features. In addition, it provides a clean and much more prominent chic look to men.

This is the haircut style that originated and is very popular in Korea. The haircut got widespread attention and popularity on the international platform after most K-pop stars and Korean celebrities flaunted this specific haircut amongst their fans. 

Initially, it was a haircut suitable for men. But, due to tremendously increasing popularity and excellent appearances, even girls are now getting this particular haircut to have a fresh and clean haircut. 

Can anyone get a Two Block Haircut?

Yes! Anyone may get this haircut. In addition, there is an extensive range of alternatives to flaunt this hairstyle. Thus, you don’t have to worry about whether or not this hairstyle will suit you. Different styles include slicking the hair at the back or leaving it as it is. It entirely depends upon you. 

Nowadays, two block haircut is trendy amongst young adults. In addition, girls aren’t behind in getting this popular haircut due to its increasing popularity. 

If you are asking about the plan to change your haircut, you are probably bored with your current haircut. So, should you get a two-block haircut? Definitely! Yes! It would help if you went for it without a single doubt. 

Also, if you don’t like the haircut, there is always a provision to alter the looks. It is due to the reason that the top crown is with longer hair. So, you may again visit a salon to get the hairstyle altered per your preference and liking. 

A two block haircut is straightforward to maintain. In addition, it suits varied face types as well. This haircut looks perfect for youngsters and old age people. You may always use a trimmer to keep the lower portion in check to keep the two block haircut refreshed and in the right shape.

Two Block Haircut

What is the way to part hair for a Two Block Haircut?

People prefer this specific haircut. The reason is due to the two blocks being too fashionable. In addition, you may create an extensive range of hairdos as well. 

Additionally, different people may have varied styles. For example, you may color your hair with different colors. This, in turn, gives the wearer a heartthrob and the most appealing vibe to the wearers. 

You may keep the length of your crown from mid to long distances. It may be up to your shoulder length and also short length; in this way, you will be able to keep the trending haircut and, at the same time, manageable haircut. Thus, you are likely to carry out different daily activities with convenience with shorter, lengthened crown hair. 

How do I ask barbers?

To effectively ask your barber to get the popular two-block, ask the barber the following:

  • Firstly, 6 guards, four guards, and at the end a, 2 guard fading 
  • Secondly, cut the crown like a bowl cut. But, let the hair fall downward. 
  • Thirdly, you must make it clear to your barber not to miss the crown too short. 

It would also be useful if you bring many pictures with you. In this way, you will likely get the kpop hairstyles of your choice. In persuasion, every shop and its barbers are different. Also, they have different styles of cutting haircuts. But, the best way to get the perfect desirable haircut is by showing your barber many pictures. 

You may tell him about a bowl cut but with a prominent undercut. It would help if you remembered here that you don’t feel scared or confused in asking him or directing him regarding your liking and preference. After all, you would have to pay the barber for the cut. 


This was all about the most popular two block haircut. You may choose from varied two block haircut styles as per your preference and liking. Again, slick t all back together or leave it falling downwards. In any way, it looks great and gives you a refreshing and clean look. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest barbershop today. Get the Korean perm men’s popular two-block cut today. 

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