Tumblr Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money From it?

Today, there are many social networking options where you can find minds that like, share experiences, and even promote your ideas. Some platforms focus on sending messages via text, while others accumulate visual content. So it’s easy to find the right one and reach people with similar interests. One such network is Tumblr. It allows people to share short messages, images, and other types of content and promote their websites and blogs. This blog will discuss how to earn money from Tumblr affiliate marketing and how affiliate links work on Tumblr.

What is Tumblr Affiliate Marketing?

Tumblr is an innovative social platform where people share all kinds of content, including images, music, and videos. The messages are short; that’s why it’s pretty similar to Twitter. Therefore, this combination of blogging tools and social community is developed for those who like brevity while writing.

You’ll get your own Tumblelog to post content when you sign up. As with any other blog, you can add pages to your Tumblelog. It is possible to like other users’ posts and create reposts with just one click. Your blog subscribers will be notified when you post updates. In addition, users can send private messages to each other.

However, can you make money on Tumblr? As Search Engine Magazine states, Tumblr is most popular among millennials and 18-29-year-olds. That’s a huge audience with great potential in terms of monetization.

Why Use Tumblr?

The platform interface is easy to navigate, so posting and communicating with other users is easy. For this reason, the community is very active, and you can use it to make money on Tumblr. This platform is useful for creating business blogs to market your brand more popular, expand your audience and increase sales.

However, even if you don’t plan on posting long articles, it also allows sharing small posts. Tumblr is a popular platform for social media marketing among retailers. Let’s take a look at what features make Tumblr so popular today:

  • It includes a lot of rich media.
  • Allows you to create your blog and buy and get your own themes from top to bottom.
  • Allows you to share messages from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Include ads of any kind to generate more revenue.
  • Ads are on your site if you implement them yourself. It is all user-friendly (non-intrusive ads and no name for the blog).
  • Domain mapping on your blog for free with an existing domain.

Tumblr affiliate marketing: Best Tips & Practices

Above all, staying active and demonstrating expertise in the field is important so people can trust you. The best way is to do a few weekly posts to get your followers’ attention.

You must create your brand voice to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, you can follow certain bloggers, entrepreneurs, or even companies to learn from their experiences.

On Tumblr, people post short text with images on a light background. Don’t forget to include keywords, tags, and hashtags to help others find your Tumblelog and help Tumblr recommend it. Let’s now look at Tumblr affiliate marketing options.


To promote the goods of other brands, you can run advertisements on your blog. There are prominent networks like Google AdSense Contextual Ads or Yahoo Bing. One can ask for Infolinks or other alternatives to practice making money effectively. Choose the service you like, sign up for an account there, and get started at top speed.

Keep in mind that each network has unique specifications and processing quirks. The main thing to consider is your rate per click or impression. In general, you will receive revenue every time a user visits your page and clicks on the ads on your page.

Only highly motivated visitors will click on your ad. This is why it is necessary to increase engagement and direct traffic. To get there, you need to comment on other people’s blogs on Tumblr to draw attention to yours. Plugins for Tumblr can also be used to boost traffic.

Affiliate Links

Does Tumblr make money through Tumblr affiliate marketing programs? Can generate good income if you put affiliate links on your Tumblr blog. The best example to win is the partnership platform Travelpayouts. Simply send traffic from your Tumblr account to Booking.com, GetYourGuide, Rentalcars, or another travel service to earn commissions.

Even if you just created your travel blog, you can join Travelpayouts and immediately start monetizing your content. You can earn up to 20% on every travel booking. In 2021 alone, Travelpayouts paid partners more than $5 million. To monetize flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services, join the free Travelpayouts partner platform today.

Many other affiliates offer on the market to get paid on Tumblr in home decor, real estate, travel, web hosting, and more. But choosing the right ones for your content is important. Don’t post too many links to save your account; let it grow without hassle. If you abuse affiliate links, your account may be banned.

Advertise Your Work

If you like your outfit for Tumblr affiliate marketing, put links to your store, blog, YouTube channel, and other networks. You can also support store-based platforms like Bonanza or Zibbet (your product category determines choice). Moreover, you can also give links to your social media accounts. It’s a great way to sell any product, including ebooks and courses.

To get guests interested in your services, create and post infographics (they work well on Tumblr), photos with examples of your design work, and quotes from blogs/books. For example, AnnaStreetStudio advertises personalized handbags and purses, a wide range of accessories, makeup bags, and jewelry for every occasion. Many professional photographers have their accounts on Tumblr to showcase their work.

Additionally, you have the option of creating your store on Tumblr. You must take specific actions to accomplish this.

  • Create a free account on Tumblr
  • Choose an appropriate topic
  • Customize the title of each product on the dashboard
  • Add a description of the product with its advantages and benefits
  • As a result, visitors will see a header, a message about the product’s key features, and a button.

The Bottom Line

Monetizing Tumblr takes effort, time, and creativity, like any other platform. To generate income, you can use Tumblr AdSense, Tumblr affiliate marketing, or any other means of monetization mentioned above. The main advantage of Tumblr is its flexibility which allows for the quick implementation of any blog idea. Its extreme simplicity will allow you to become a master in no time.

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