Top 5 Richest Players Throughout The History Of The NFL

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The NFL is the biggest football league in the world, and its players are well-known for the money that they make. You even have shows on TV about their wives and their lives being a wife of football players. Most contracts are worth millions, so it’s common for them to be filthy rich, but some decide to make even more money through businesses, and others just like spending.

Money can change everyone’s life around, and that’s what usually happens to NFL players. This is what you should include in the free NFL picks for rookies because they are the ones making the biggest mistakes. On the other hand, players that know how to handle money will make more than their huge paycheck.

Jerry Richardson – Over $2 Billion

Jerry Richardson is an excellent example of how you can make a fortune after becoming a professional player. Even if his surname suggests that he’s rich, he surprised everyone with his excellent decision-making, especially in 2018 when he decided to sell Carolina Panthers for over $2 billion.

He played more than 50 years ago and won one Championship, but he won many more after his career. He’s an investor in multiple businesses, and one of the biggest is Hardee’s, where he owns 50% of the franchise. Because of his excellent decision-making, he was able to start for the Carolina Panthers in 1993.

Roger Staubach – Over $700 million

Another old-school player is on top of the list, but he didn’t have the same luck as Jerry Richardson. The forger QB from Dallas Cowboys played until 1979, when he retired after a 10-year-old career. The paycheck back in the day wasn’t so big compared to what NFL players earn today, but he used it correctly and started his own real estate company.

He didn’t start the Staubach company by himself, but he was one of the partners, and after a couple of decades in the business, they sold for over $600 million. This was his biggest paycheck, but there were also other businesses he invested in.

John Madden – Over $300 million

Many people don’t know, but John Madden was a part of the Eagles before he started a coaching career. This is why he’s on the list as one of the players, but he’s known for his coaching abilities.

Every NFL fan is familiar with the surname Madden because it’s the name of the most popular football game in the world. The Madden franchise has been on the market for over a decade, and they have made a considerable income in the past years. It can’t compete with soccer games like FIFA, but the estimated worth is over $200 million.

Peyton Manning – Over $200 million

Even if you are not from the NFL, you have probably heard about Peyton Manning, the legend of the sport that won the Super Bowl 2 times. Besides Tom Braddy, he is one of the best on the field and richest.

Most of his wealth doesn’t come from business investments like others on the list. Instead, his endorsements are just too big. Some of them include Reebok, MasterCard, and ESPN, some of the world’s biggest companies. A considerable portion of his income comes from Papa John’s franchises which he owns 21.

Tom Brady – Over $200 million

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are very close regarding the amount of money they have, but Peyton is nowhere near Brady regarding the number of titles won. Tom Brady has seven of them, and he is the record holder.

Besides being the most-paid player, his contract for two years is worth around $50 million. He also likes endorsements, and some of the companies he works with include Under Armor and Aston Martin. He also has other investments in some businesses, but most of his wealth comes from the league.

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