Top 4 Things Every Dallas SEO Experts must know about Bounce Rate

Rajiv Gupta

In Dallas, to top the local searches, SEO experts need to have a bunch of specific knowledge about SEO. The city of Dallas is rapidly improving towards a completely digital world for business ecosystems. Hence SEO experts must stay top-notch and skilled in all SEO efforts.

One very important area in SEO is the site Bounce Rate, which needs to be controlled properly to gain authority over your site’s performance. If your site’s bounce rate is high, it can negatively impact your SEO. To find out the top things you need to know about bounce rate to improve your SEO skills.

What is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is something that Google described as “a single-page session on your site.” In other words, it is a specific percentage of visitors who tend to leave your site or “bounce” back to the SERP after surfing only one page. A Bounce rate can also go high when a user idles on only one page for more than 25-30 minutes. Reach out to a Dallas SEO expert to know how and why Bounce Rate can affect your page performance.

The higher your Bounce Rate, the more it will negatively affect your ranking on SERP. However, the higher bounce rates can be a relative term spending on what your website goals are. On the other hand, too much of a lower bounce rate can show up in some different issues.

When your Bounce Rate is too high, it might signal that users cannot find any value on your site, which makes them bounce back. This can offer a negative impact on your site.

As a rule of thumb, the bounce rate on your site should be under the mark of 40% and a maximum of up to 55%. Anything more than this mark needs your immediate action to improve your site. On the other hand, if your bounce rate is more than 90% or less than 20%, it can indicate an error in code installation.

How do you decrease your Bounce Rate?

It would help if you took proper actions to control your bounce rate going high. In Dallas, the competition is higher for local searches. It will take little time for a visitor to another Dallas-based alternative whose site is clear and interesting. So here is how you decrease the Bounce Rate.

Offering straightforward navigation on your site is highly important to determine your performance. There are plenty of sites in Dallas that offer clear navigation and rules the SERP. To beat them, you must work on it.

The inclusion of clear navigation helps people know where they must go to get the value-added content they are looking for. Many Dallas SEO experts use multiple ways to let users select their preferred options. In such cases, your Bounce Rate can improve impressively.

  • Add CTAs impactfully

Your visitors need to be prompted from where they can get the right action. Thus your site has an adequate number of CTA buttons everywhere. Only some visitors of yours will come through the homepage; some choose a sub-page to enter.

Many smart websites in Dallas use impressive CTA buttons such as “contact us” on every page. It makes things simple for your visitors and improves your site performance.

  • Improve your site speed

A slow website can ruin the mood of any visitor who will be quick enough to bounce back. Thus it would help if you worked on the speed of your site. A site must be highly responsive and quick enough to open and browse to minimize the bounce rate.

To improve your bounce rate, you can minimize the file sizes, add responsive design elements, compress images, etc.

  • Use readable contents

Content is always the King when it comes to improving your SEO efforts. If you go through the dominating sites in Dallas, you can find that they use highly readable content on their pages.

You must add valuable content to your site with correct sources, images, infographics, and visuals. Good quality readable content improves your site’s performance to a higher rate and effectively decreases your bounce rate. Hence, any reckoned Dallas SEO professional will always be ready to create valuable content for your site.


Making your site rank among the crowd in Dallas can take time and effort. But things become controllable if you work on your bounce rate from the very beginning. Thus we suggest you find the best professional in Dallas who will help you and guide you through Bounce rate optimization that will serve the ultimate success.

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