Top 10 Space Agencies in The World [2022]

Space is a subject that intrigues the curiosity of everyone in the world; because of this, almost every country wants to know more about space research and studies. In the same way, every country is also eager about knowing everything about space. The vast majority of countries now have their space agencies. But today, only a few space organizations around the globe are well-known. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 space agencies in the world, their history, and ongoing and future programs.

Top 10 Space Agencies in The World

As we know, there are more than fifty countries worldwide that have space agencies. However, it is impossible to know all these space agencies in one article so let us take a look at the top 10 most popular space agencies globally today.

1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA is the is the no. space agency in our list of top 10 space agencies. NASA is an organization based in the United States that was founded in 1958. And since then to this day, it has achieved many great achievements in the field of cosmology. There is no other space agency better or more popular than NASA in the field of space research. As a matter of fact, when a survey of people from different countries was carried out to identify the space agencies they knew.

Since its inception, most space exploration efforts (in the United States) have been led by NASA, including the Skylab space station, a reusable low-Earth orbiter spacecraft. part named Space Shuttle, and the most popular manned spacecraft program, the Apollo Moon landing missions.

Some of its biggest missions include Apollo, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Viking 1 probe that landed on Mars in 1976, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and Cassini-Huygens which reached Saturn in 2004. , and Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 made many important discoveries. around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and reach interstellar space. NASA’s annual budget is $22.6 billion.

2. China National Space Administration (CNSA

The National Space Administration of China is responsible for planning and executing all space missions at the national level and for signing government agreements related to space research.

Unlike other space organizations in the world, CNSA is not related to the ISS. In fact, he has a small space station of his own. In addition, it performed regular launches on its own using a group of usable launch systems known as the Long March. According to a report, in 2029-2030, China is also preparing to send such a spacecraft into space to record close images of Jupiter and Saturn and send more useful information. The CNSA’s annual budget is $8.9 billion.

3. European Space Agency (ESA)

This space agency is a multi-governmental organization. A group of 20 European countries founded this space agency. The space agency’s annual budget is $7.43 billion. ESA’s headquarters are located in Paris. ESA has carried out many missions or projects, such as the Venus mission, the Rosetta mission, the Mars mission, the Corot space telescope mission, and more.

The European Space Agency will launch a very interesting mission, and its name will be Ariel Space Mission. The main purpose of this mission is to collect information about all the alien planets. Currently, ESA plans to create the world’s first space junk collector. The main goal of the ESA is to return space debris collected in space to Earth.

4. Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

RFSA is a Russian space organization. RFSA is commonly known as Roscosmos. The Russian Federal Space Agency was established in 1992, a year ahead of China’s National Space Administration. Additionally, China and Russia have been in competition since 1993.

Russia was the first country to launch animals into space, and Russia was also the first country to send the first female astronaut into space, Valentina Tereshkova. Roscosmos is currently on the ExoMars mission – searching for evidence of life on Mars – in collaboration with ESA. They are also developing an all-robot lunar base (Luna-Glob), slated to launch in the early 2020s. RFSA’s annual budget is $3.37 billion.

5. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

ISRO is one of the best top 10 space agencies in the world. ISRO was founded in 1969, even before the Russian and Chinese space agencies. As a result, India already has space technology before countries like China and Russia. ISRO has also discovered water on the surface of the moon. In 2008, thanks to the Chandrayaan 1 mission, ISRO demonstrated that water is available on the moon in the form of ice.

ISRO set a new world record in 2017, by launching 104 satellites into space with a single rocket (PSLV-C37). SpaceX later broke the record. The Indian space agency attempted to land its spacecraft on Mars in its first attempt. Even a space agency like NASA has made 2 soft landing attempts of their spacecraft to Mars.

But the Indian space agency ISRO managed to land its spacecraft on Mars on its first attempt. In its first attempt, India’s ISRO succeeded in its first mission to Mars, Mangalyaan 1, with a budget of just $75 million.

India is the fourth country to make a gentle landing on the Moon and Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian to travel in space. One of the best launch vehicles in the world is the PSLV rocket owned by ISRO (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The space agency’s annual budget is $1.5 billion.

6. SpaceX

Ten years ago, no one would have believed that a private company could compete with the government’s space agencies. But the ambition, dedication, and hard work of the SpaceX team literally changed their mind.

The company has achieved a number of milestones that no other private space agency has achieved to date:

  • The first privately funded liquid rocket (Falcon 1) went into orbit in 2008
  • The first private company to launch a spacecraft to the International Space Station (Dragon in 2012).
  • First booster landing for an orbital rocket (Falcon 9 in 2015)
  • Successful reuse of an orbital rocket for the first time (Falcon 9 in 2017)

Today, SpaceX is known as America’s most successful private aerospace manufacturer and space transport service company. Their main goal is to reduce prices and improve the reliability of the access to space, by a factor of 10.

7. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japanese government’s national space agency is known as JAXA. It was founded in 2003 and its headquarters are in Tokyo. By the way, Japan’s interest in space began only after World War II. But for many years, Japan had no space agency.

Then, in 1969, Japan signed the Outer Space Treaty, and on October 1, 2003, JAXA was formed when the three organizations merged. The Japan Institute of Space and Space Science (ISAS), the National Aeronautics Laboratory of Japan (NAL), and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NSDAJ) are the first organizations respectively, second and third.

In 1969, Japan failed its first satellite mission, but in 1970, Japan launched its first satellite. JAXA became popular when they launched Hayabusa Mission. Hayabusa 1 was launched in 2003. This mission aims to understand the asteroid Ryugu, located 300 million km from Earth. But Hayabusa 1 was not successful, and for this reason, JAXA released Hayabusa 2 in 2014. JAXA is currently working on the human space program and reusable launch vehicles and is working to send a human robot to the Moon. JAXA’s annual budget is $2.6 billion.

8. German Aerospace Center (DLR)

This space agency is considered one of the oldest in the world. This space agency was founded in 1969. Space, transport, aeronautics, security, digitalization, and energy are all areas in which the German Aerospace Center works. The headquarters of this space agency is in Cologne. The DLR also serves as the German space agency, so the German Aerospace Center conducts missions, plans, and executes the space program on behalf of the German government.

Low carbon dioxide electricity generation, solar thermal power generation technology, and renewable and ultra-efficient energy sources are the areas where the space agency is currently working. In the future, the German Aerospace Center will conduct research and development of satellites, propulsion technology, and space mission concepts.

Among the space agency’s major projects are the Mars Express mission, the Galileo global positioning satellite system, and the space shuttle radar survey mission. The annual budget of the German Aerospace Center is $2.55 billion.

9. Italian Space Agency (ASI)

Although founded in 1988, the Italian Space Agency has attracted a great deal of the work of many experienced Italian scientists and previous national organizations. In 1996, they launched their first large satellite mission – named BeppoSAX – to examine the universe with X-rays. The space agency’s annual budget is $2.1 billion. BeppoSAX, the first satellite the Italian Space Agency launched, did so in 1996. The Italian Space Agency is currently working on a project called Arian 5 with ESA (European Space Agency).

10. National Centre for Space Studies (France)

The French Space Agency was founded in 1961. Its headquarters are in Paris. CNES is another name for this space agency. The National Center for Space Research is the full form of CNES, in French. After the space program of the Soviet Union of Russia and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, CNES is the third oldest space agency in the world.  $2.43 billion is the annual budget of CNES.

So, this was all about the world’s top 10 space agencies. We have discussed all the details about these agencies.


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