Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2023

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There are a plethora of professions to choose from these days, some of which are ranked among the world’s highest-paying positions, while others promise explosive career advancement. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2021 and 2031, employment in healthcare occupations will increase by 13%. An aspirant’s decision to pursue a particular career route might be extremely frightening. You must consider various factors while determining what kind of job to date. This blog will discuss the top 10 highest paying jobs in USA 2023.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2023

Read below the list of top-paid jobs in the USA:

1. Anesthesiologist: $331,190

Anestheasiologists are medical doctors administering general or regional anesthesia to patients. This enables surgeons and other medical practitioners to perform invasive procedures without causing pain or discomfort to the patient. Anesthesiologists also carefully monitor the patient’s vital signs and critical life functions before, during, and after surgery. They need to make quick decisions based on limited information in emergencies. It’s an understatement to say that this profession is highly stressful. This job is in the first position of the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2023.

2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $311,460

Surgeons specializing in the mouth, jaw, and face are oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These specialists, dentists with at least four additional years of training in surgery, can treat anything from facial trauma to correcting cleft lips. Patients with oral, head, or neck cancer can be diagnosed and treated by them. Even more advanced procedures, like facelifts, can be done by them under anesthesia. Despite their narrow expertise, technology for treating and operating on the face, mouth, and jaw is constantly improving.

3. Emergency Medicine Physician: $310,640

Emergency medicine physicians are responsible for making critical medical decisions in urgent situations to prevent life-threatening harm or injury. They must quickly evaluate, stabilize, and treat patients who have often experienced traumatic injuries. They may also oversee the work of emergency medical staff in a hospital’s emergency department.

Given the unpredictable nature of medical emergencies, ER physicians must often work extended or irregular hours to care for their patients, including overnight or weekend shifts. This can be challenging due to the constantly changing patient load that requires their attention.

4. Orthopedic Surgeon, Except Pediatric: $306,220

According to the BLS, orthopedic surgeons “diagnose and perform surgery to treat and prevent rheumatic and other diseases in the musculoskeletal system.

The majority of orthopedic surgeons practice in hospitals or exclusive clinics. This can necessitate both planned and urgent surgery, leading to an occasionally hectic schedule and lengthy hours. For instance, back or neck operations can sometimes last all day without breaks.

5. Dermatologist: $302,740

Dermatologists identify and manage conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. They could practice both dermatological and medical surgery.

Dermatologists have two career options: run private practices or visit clinics at prestigious teaching hospitals and institutions. Dermatologists rarely have irregular or unscheduled hours. Most people follow a set schedule and work between 30 and 40 hours per week.

6. Radiologist: $301,720

A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries using various medical imaging techniques, such as x-rays, MRI, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. They might also carry out tests and procedures that are minimally invasive.

Radiologists typically work in an office setting and spend most of their time analyzing images, reading reports, and discussing their findings and diagnosis with other medical professionals. They usually communicate with the patient’s physician, responsible for applying the imaging results and making treatment decisions.

7. Surgeon: $297,800

A surgeon is a medical professional who performs surgical procedures on patients suffering from injuries or illnesses. Their responsibilities include examining patient x-rays, discussing the procedure with the patient, preparing for the surgery, and conducting the surgery with a team of nurses, surgeons, and surgical technicians.

A general surgeon typically works 50-60 hours each week, excluding any time spent on-call. Depending on the practice, surgeons may be on-call almost 24/7, meaning they must be available to respond to emergencies at all times of the day or night.

8. Obstetrician-Gynecologist: $296,210

Obstetricians-Gynecologists, or OB-GYNs, are medical professionals focusing on the reproductive health of the vaginal, ovarian, uterine, and cervical regions and childbirth. This field of medicine focuses on giving medical care to women expecting or giving birth. Additionally, OB-GYNs can identify, treat, and aid in preventing diseases that affect the female reproductive system.

9. Pediatric Surgeon: $290,310

Pediatric surgeons identify and treat diseases and injuries in fetuses, premature and newborn infants, kids, and teenagers, as well as fetal abnormalities and congenital disabilities. Numerous pediatric surgical specialties and subspecialties can be included here.

Pediatric surgeons typically find employment at children’s hospitals, neighborhood hospitals, or university medical centers. They collaborate with a group of experts: pediatricians, nurses, and surgical techs.

10. Ophthalmologist, Except Pediatric: $270,090

Ophthalmologists identify eye disorders and diseases, treat them surgically, and work to prevent further development. Furthermore, they might offer eye care services like contacts and glasses.

Ophthalmologists typically work in private practice, performing office visits and surgery for patients. This typically entails working regular hours with few emergencies.

Neurologists identify and manage patients with brain and nervous system disorders like epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Alzheimer’s.

Like all surgeons, neurologists may spend a lot of the day standing. By specialty, other working conditions might differ.


It brings our ranking of the world’s highest-paying jobs to a close. Those are only a few examples of a wide range of well-paying positions. However, it doesn’t matter if the job you want isn’t on the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in USA 2023. What matters is that you find something you enjoy doing to outperform your competition. If you want to guide your little brother and sister, or any teenagers who want to start their own business, you can suggest these 12 small business ideas for teens. This article will help them get off to a good start.

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