Tips for class 6 English Exam 

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The grade 6th final exams are approaching and there are plenty of things that you need to do as students are facing your final exams. You need to revise all the topics, take a good sleep before the exam, and seek help from your friends.

This year, there are many changes in the Class 6 Board exam syllabus. Students have to prepare themselves well to be successful in the upcoming board exam. There are some points that students need to keep in mind while preparing for the board exam.

Students should make sure that they are not cramming facts but understanding why something is important and how it can be applied in real life. Keep an eye on your time management skills and make sure you take a rest when you feel like you need it. Lastly, do not panic if you do not know something because it is okay to ask for help by asking your parents or teachers.

Tips to study for grade 6 English exams 

Understand your plus points

A successful student knows how to plan and manage time. But the first step is to know your preferences and what you excel at. 

When you start prioritizing your time according to your preferences, then scoring high marks is just a matter of time. For example, if you are a more hands-on learner then you would prefer to focus on studying rather than practicing.

Some students might find it easier to study for a test but may not be as good at memorizing information long-term. If this is the case, then revision would be a better option for them. This way they can review the material they cover in class and make sure that they cover all their bases before taking their exam.

Plan things well 

Planning things requires a good strategy and one such is to jot down all the units and their weightage in terms of marks. This will certainly help students to concentrate on the major chapters first and prioritize the scoring questions. However, pupils must not ignore or neglect any topic. Students should plan their studies in a way that enables them to study smartly. 

Keep your grammar in check 

English grammar is the core part of the language since it’s the structure from which it is made and thus following it is quite essential. If students keep their grammar accurate, it will be easier to practice and solve the paper. 

Learn the structures of the writing section 

Even though all parts of the English language are important, students must pay key attention to the format of writing letters, speeches, articles and essays. These are very essential since it’s a guaranteed question that will appear in the exam that students often feel is difficult. This is why students must memorize the structures of the writing section. 

Try to study all the main aspects of English 

Often students only focus on the writing skills or just the grammar parts. However, English needs different kinds of skills together to fluently write it. Therefore, it’s not wise for class 6th pupils to miss out or leave any of the aspects of the English syllabus. Students must try to learn all the sections of English thoroughly to get a good score. 

Learn from fun videos 

Everyone loves watching fun and interactive videos but when these videos contain essential information too it becomes fairly easy for students to understand them. It’s encouraged and recommended that pupils do not just depend on textbooks as a medium to study but expand their reach to find more creative ways to learn efficiently. So whether it’s a documentary or series, students must.


Keep practicing by solving question papers 

Lastly, solving papers and practicing are two major preparation methods to score high marks. This is because consistent practice and solving papers develop the ability of a student to appropriately answer a question. Pupils can simply find CBSE Sample Paper for Class 6 English and even download them. Although just solving papers won’t help big time unless students take the essence of it. The question paper follows a pattern that is to be identified by students. Pupils can then easily give their best approach to the exam. Also, practicing questions is a way to minimize mistakes too, 

Keep your writing neat 

The next important tip is to write neatly and clearly. Students frequently lose marks since the examiner cannot understand what they have written, thus, pupils must not scribble their answers. It’s suggested that students should practice writing at a fast pace where the handwriting is not compromised. 

Don’t stress yourself over exams 

It’s certainly true that exams are a stressful period for students but it’s best to avoid it. Stress or pushing too hard can exhaust a student mentally and physically which is not correct. Pupils must realize that if they are well prepared there’s no need to constantly think or worry about the exams. All that students need to truly think about is how they can improve themselves daily little by little.

It’s not easy to just become a genius overnight, it requires patience and regular hard work. However, if students still are having a hard time handling their stress, pupils can do some calming activities or speak to their parents or teachers regarding it. They’ll be able to guide you better in such scenarios. 


To sum it up, grade 6th students need to be careful and vigilant about their writing skills since it needs precision and few errors. So it’s advised that pupils prepare themselves thoroughly through practice. Another crucial thing is that pupils must not get overwhelmed with the portion or syllabus if they don’t feel comfortable with the subjects.

Instead, students should focus on topics and areas they can get marks easily to get a good score on the exam. Also, students don’t need to stick to textbook learning, it’s better to learn with informative videos too since they are much simpler to remember. Moreover, students would enjoy studying by this method, thus it’s an encouraging mode of learning.

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