Best Strategies To Increase Sales That No One Tell You

Mukul Patwa

You know your business needs sales and revenue if it wants to survive. But sales can take a lot of work to get in most industries. Your business is new, and almost no one has ever heard of it. Also, you don’t have the deep pockets needed to hire excellent sales reps who are so good at selling that they could sell a refrigerator to Eskimos. You are desperate and have no idea what to do, so you turn to Google, and you learn many business strategies which you can use The process to increase sales. You read on, and you find out the following:

Communicating with your current customers is crucial if you want your business to bring in sales.

Like any other business owner, you know your business needs sales if it wants to stay afloat financially. But any business (including yours) must communicate with its current customers to understand what they want and need, to keep them happy, to make them feel as though the business cares about them and their needs, and to make them feel a part of the company. 

The general rule of thumb about customers dictates that it costs at least twice as much to get a new customer than it does to communicate with and keep an existing one, and 20% of a business’s customers buy 80% of its products and services. 

Besides, your business needs to communicate with customers regularly to keep them in the loop about company events and new products and services coming on the market and to keep them satisfied with your company’s products and services and overall customer service. 

Existing customers make better and more loyal customers because they already know how your business works, the products and services it makes, and how your business and products and services can really benefit them! 

Additionally, since they are already familiar with your business and know its successes and struggles, they are more likely to stick with it in the long term and ‘when times get tough!’ One way your business can talk to your current customers is through posts, conversations, discussions, and awe-inspiring and emotional stories on various social media platforms like Facebook.

Offering your business’s products and services in bundles is one of the best strategies for increasing sales.

It has long been common knowledge among successful business people that businesses that bundle their products and services sell more than those which sell individual products and services. You see this all the time on eBay and you see an offer to buy an iPhone, but that price is reduced by 10% if you purchase earphones and a carrying case. 

Customers love product and service bundles because they get more for less money – this is what any customer is looking for! For best results, keep your business bundles flexible and give customers a choice to pick and choose the products and services they want and need in the bundles they buy from your business. 

If you offer standard product and service bundles, you may find customers rejecting your piles altogether because they only need half of the products and services provided in your fortunes.

Always ask for referrals from your customers.

Remember that referrals are like ‘gold.’ Customer referrals are a word of mouth advertising which is still the best and most effective way of advertising, even in the digital age. Because referrals are already familiar with your business and its products and services – they learned all this by talking with your current customers – they are more likely to trust your company and do business with it (and you) immediately. They are also more likely to become loyal customers. 

This helps you build up your customer base, the one thing your company needs to stay viable immediately! More critical than referrals are client testimonials because they are honest statements from your customers that endorse your company, its products, and its services. Because they ‘come straight from the horse’s mouth’ your customers, having them on your website will attract more traffic to your site and generate more conversions – the two things your business needs to make it in the long run in your industry.

Offer your customers a sale or a promotion that ends after a specified and short period.

Customers love to buy your products and services at a discounted price; after all, who wouldn’t? They are more likely to buy your company’s products and services if they know these will only be available at a discounted price for a short period. You will get more customers and sales, more loyal customers, and more referrals if you constantly offer limited-time sales or promotions.  

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Listen to what your customer is telling you.

Listening is an important communication skill. Remember this when you run marketing and advertising campaigns for your customers. After all, marketing and advertising campaigns explain to your clients how well your goods and services work in a different way and through another channel.

Your customers will write customer reviews on your website or make various posts and comments on different social media platforms about your products and services. You should read them and take them to heart. Listen to your customer’s suggestions and act accordingly.

For example, if they don’t like your products and want to see specific improvements and changes, you must make them, or else your customers will drop you in favor of the competition right away, and you don’t want that. 

If they like your products and services but want them fine-tuned in a certain way, you must act accordingly. You should train your sales team to listen to, understand, react, and respond to customer sentiments when they are out on the field because this is crucial if you want to keep customers happy and retain them. 

You should also train your sales team on asking leading questions, which will get customers to tell them what they think about your company’s products and services, what they like and don’t like about them, and how they want these to be improved. Then you act accordingly. These are great strategies to increase sales.

Use social media to talk to your customers and promote your services and products.

Social media goes viral, has a global reach, and is free. Why not use it to promote your services and products and talk to your customers? You talk to your customers whenever you post about your products, services, or company. 

You also talk to your customers when you respond to their comments on your social media posts. Customers love this interaction because they feel you care about them and want to know what they think about your products and services. They will also be flattered that you care enough about them to want to ‘get to know them better.’ They will want to buy your products and services, do repeat business, and send many referrals your company’s way!

Raise your prices. This is also an excellent strategy for increasing sales.

Of course, you should always research and a cost-benefit analysis to know which products and services should have their prices raised – raise the prices on just any products and services, which could cause you to lose loyal customers. 

You need to announce the rise in prices through advertising and marketing campaigns – don’t just spring the surprise on your customers, or else you stand a good chance of losing them! Your customers will continue to buy from you because they often equate higher prices with better quality and more durable products and services. After all, any customer wants this from a product or service they buy!

Now that you know some proven strategies to increase your company’s sales, you should implement them immediately. If done right, you should see more traffic and conversions to your website and more customers who will stick around and give you valuable referrals!

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