Stefan Etienne: The Verge PC Build Guy Controversy

Rajiv Gupta

It was September 2018 when the verge uploaded a video titled ‘How to build a gaming PC in $ 2000’. Undoubtedly, it was great content to work on, as millions of people play games with their maximum potential. They Take Care of each and everything about games. Millions of people are in love with games. But Verge Pc build video took the wrong turn. The video got too much hatred just after its release. Stefan Etienne did almost everything wrong. 

As a result, the Internet destroyed him. Many prominent YouTubers roasted him; people slanged him on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, and many bullied him. Today we will talk about what really happened and what is now.  

A small introduction to Stefan Etienne:

Per his profile, Stefan Etienne is a writer, tech journalist, entrepreneur, and student. Currently, he is working in Tech Crunch as a writer, covering and reviewing the latest gadgets. Now, he lives in New York City.

He was only 12 when he opened an independent vlog channel on you-tube for tech-related videos. The name of that channel is ‘Laptopmemo.’ He worked hard and focused for seven years on that, and he got views; too many ideas. Plus, he started a WordPress website for his blogs.

Later, he worked for ‘The Verge,’ the child company of ‘Vox Media.’

You can follow Stefan on Twitter @StefanEtienne.

And also found Stefan Etienne on Reddit.

You can also visit his tech blog website ‘’ for a better look at his work.

How did The Shit Start?

In 2018, The Verge released a video on YouTube titled ‘How to make a gaming pc with $ 2000’. Stefan Etienne was the host of this video. The Verge Stefan was building a gaming PC and doing everything incorrectly better if I told you that he was doing it awfully. 

Stefan took the unnecessary tools, pronounced the wrong names, removing and threw essential CPU parts. He put the motherboard wrongly, making his work inappropriate and dangerous. He should have set the memory cards correctly. Stefan even made a mistake with Thermal Paste. He applied it so little and inconsistently that it put a mark of shame on him. 

Stefan put the PSU fan inside; that has no meaning at all. It can damage the whole system. He even did stupid things that a non-tech person would not do. He put large size screws that could damage the heat sink, and he put on a rubber hand band to keep himself safe from electric shocks. Shock resistance bands are different.   

The Internet doesn’t forgive, and the same happened with Stefan Etienne. Many YouTubers came to the frontline. They reviewed the video better. They roasted the footage and the stupidity. As expected, no one left Stefan. He was overloaded with hate comments and memes, and he was bullied too.

How this became more than just a mistake?

After the video went viral, a prominent community made fun of Stefan Etienne. People crushed him. People sent him emails, used his name in memes, and pointed out his most stupid video. The verge immediately understood the situation and deleted that video. The company somehow claimed copyright on the review channels and tried to eliminate the videos. 

Till this point, everything was okay. It was just a mistake of a 19-20-year-old kid. People could have forgotten it. But situations went out of control when Stefan Etienne said his PC building was correct. 

Something was wrong, and the verge took down the video and uploaded a new one with the proper steps. But Stefan told something that sparkled salt in the wounds. He said that people troll him because he is black, and if any white guy had done the same thing, people would not even care this much. He brought racism into the whole controversy. And then the Internet again took it seriously. 

Stefan Etienne, a person whom the Internet is not ready to forgive. People make fun of him till today. You can check out his Twitter and comments on his posts. 

Is Stefan Etienne an arrogant immature, and self-centered person?

Regarding Stefan Etienne, the two groups keep their point of view. One of those has forgiven him for his mistakes and wants to forget whatever happened. The others are those who still bully him and make fun of him not because of his error but for his behavior towards others. 

People complain that Stefan is not even a mature person. He must realize who his allies are and against whom he is fighting. He cannot take positive criticism. Stefan speaks against everyone who gives him rightful advice or says or wishes good for him. He blocks every person on Twitter who says anything about his work. 

In his recent post on Twitter, he apologized for his mistake. I have personally read the whole post. It was not an apology message but an excuse for his fault. Many people were saying the same thing in the comment section. However, some people were taking Stefan’s side and supporting him. 

Although I am here not to judge or to give information, the above statement is my feeling, and I have no personal grudges against this person. 

Final Thoughts

Stefan Etienne is no doubt a very hard-working person. He has been working since he was just 12. He is a tech lover and no doubt an intelligent person. But whatever happened was not good. It is about the video, the worst PC building, and Stefan Etienne’s actions after the incident. 

So my question to you all is straightforward. What’s next? Should we continue to mock, bully, and teach him a lesson for his whole life, or should we now forgive and forget whatever happened? 

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