Snowfox Trackerphone: Your Solution for Increased Safety and Peace of Mind

Anchal Rajpuria

Snowfox Trackerphone

Snowfox, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for personal safety and security, designed the Snowfox Trackerphone as a GPS-enabled device. The device improves safety and peace of mind for individuals and families with real-time location tracking, geofencing capabilities, and two-way calling and texting. This is perfect for parents with young children, seniors or individuals with medical conditions, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Features of Snowfox Trackerphone

Real-time location tracking

Real- time location tracker  will help to track the location of your loved ones or anyone. This device is using a GPS tracking system that is going to help a lot of parents who want to keep tabs on their children or for individuals who need to monitor the location of a loved one.

Geofencing capabilities

With this Trackerphone, users can establish geofencing boundaries, and in the event that the device goes outside the designated area, they will receive an alert. This feature is particularly beneficial for parents or caregivers who need to keep track of an individual who may tend to wander off.

Two-way calling and texting

It has a built-in SIM card, which allows for two-way calling and texting capabilities. This feature is perfect for seniors or individuals with medical conditions who may need to contact someone quickly in case of an emergency.

SOS button

The device has an SOS button that, when pressed, will automatically call and send a message to pre-set emergency contacts. This feature is useful in case of an emergency where the user may not be able to use the device’s other features.

IP67 waterproof rating

It is water-resistant and has an IP67 rating, that it can be submerge in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage.

Improved safety and peace of mind for users and their loved ones

With features like location tracking, calling and texting, and an SOS button, you can always stay in touch and get help quickly in case of an emergency.

Increased independence for seniors or individuals with disabilities

Seniors who live alone or have medical conditions can get the  benefit of two-way calling and SOS button feature in case of emergencies.

Easy-to-use interface and intuitive design

This is very easy to understand even for a kid or for any senior citizens. This has a captivating design that helps to navigate the application smoothly.

Who can benefit from Snowfox Trackerphone

It is a versatile device that can provide advantages to various groups of people, such as parents, seniors etc. Its unique characteristics allow users to enjoy maximum benefits, which include enhanced independence, safety, and peace of mind for both users and their families.

Families with young children or teenagers

This can help parents keep tabs on their children’s location and ensure their safety, particularly in crowded areas or unfamiliar environments.

Seniors or individuals with medical conditions or disabilities

This can provide peace of mind to family members or caregivers by allowing them to monitor the location of seniors or individuals with medical conditions. The device’s SOS button can also be a lifesaver in case of an emergency.

Outdoor enthusiasts and travelers

It’s water-resistant and durable design makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. The inbuilt GPS technology helps the user to track .

How to use Snowfox Trackerphone

Here’s a short guide on how to use Snowfox Trackerphone:

  • Charge the device and insert the SIM card provided
  • Download the companion app and pair the device with your phone
  • Customize the device’s settings, including geofencing and emergency contacts
  • Track the device’s location, make calls or send messages, and use the SOS button in case of emergencies
  • Use the app for features such as real-time location tracking, geofencing, emergency contacts, two-way calling and texting, and a voice assistant

By following these steps, it can be easily set up and used to its full potential, providing increased safety and peace of mind.

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Pricing and Availability

Snowfox Trackerphone is currently available for purchase on the company’s website and select retail partners. This device is offered at a one-time cost of $149.99, which includes a SIM card and 1-year of data service. After the first year, data service is available for an additional cost of $4.99 per month, or you can choose to pay annually at a discounted rate. The device is available in two colors, black and white. Overall, the pricing options and availability makes  it a competitive choice in the market for GPS tracking devices.


The Snowfox Trackerphone is an outstanding device that is going to be very helpful to every group of people whether they are parents, caregivers, seniors and travel freaks. In this trackerphone they have used real- time location tracking, geofencing, emergency contacts,, two- way calling and texting , voice assistant and many more. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind for parents, caregivers, and seniors. The GPS technology used in this trackerphone is top notch. The device is easy to set up and use, and its companion app is simple and easy to navigate. The affordable pricing and availability make it a great choice and anyone in need of a reliable GPS tracking device should give it a try once.

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