Renovate your old car with Texas Speed and Performance

Megha Choudhary

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Cars are one of the best ways to travel from one city to another. It is comfortable, fast, and safe. Especially when you go through a valley or to a hill station. A trip on the roads of Europe is a dream for everyone. 

However, like all the other stuff in the world, cars also don’t lie the same as new. With time, the parts automatically degrade. They face rust, pollution, dryness, and eventually system failure. All these minor and major system deficiencies lead your car to be less effective. You face more disturbance while driving the car. 

But there is a way of keeping your car at its full power for all time. Texas Performance is a place where you can find each part of your old car. An affordable renovation is a perfect idea to make your car new again. 

A renovation also includes customization of your car according to your own will. You can also install additional accessories and theme-based equipment to give your vehicle a makeover. 

Texas Speed and Performance offers all the above operations for an affordable price. Read the full blog to know how it can serve you. 

Texas Speed and Performance:

A driver thrives to drive his car at its best. But with time, every vehicle demands some modification. TSP strives for giving the chance to enjoy the best performance of their car to the owners. They also take care of your budget. 

Trevor Doelling and Jason Mangum are the two friends who owns Texas speed and performance. They have founded TSP in the year 2003. The main motive was to give high-quality car parts and accessories at a very affordable price. Before selling your parts, the expert team of the company tests them with their state-of-the-art superflow engine dyno. 

Products of Texas Speed and Performance:

  1. Alternators:

TSP offers you alternators from two major manufacturing companies. These are Holley and Mechman. The price range of alternators is between $224- $699. The company has divided the range into 4 sub-ranges. 

– $224 to $343

– $344 to $462

– $463 to $580

– $581 to $699

  1. Apparel:

TSP has a different section for apparel. Here you can find awesome hoodies, t-shirts, hats, stickers, and accessories for an affordable price. TSP itself manufactures all of these items. You can easily start buying these for only $10. 

  1. Engines:

Texas speed & performance has its treaty with more than 30 manufacturers for your engine and valvetrain parts in your car. You will find the following parts here. 

– Bearings

– Bolts & Gaskets

– Camshafts & Valvetrain

– Connecting Rods

– Crankshafts

– Cylinder Heads

– Camshaft packages

– Engine Blocks

– Engine Cover, Mounts, and Pans

– Engine Conversion, and Relocation Mounts/ Brackets

– Front-drive accessory kits

– Oil catch cans & breathers

– Oil pumps

– Pistons

– Rotating Assemblies

  1. Braking:

Braking is one of the main parts of any vehicle. TSP has various brake kits including brake pads, rotors, accessories, and line locks. The range starts from $11 only and goes up to $9295. 

You will also a variety of manufacturers in this section. 

  1. Cooling:

It is highly difficult to drive a car without a cooling system in today’s time. However, cooling can be harsh when it doesn’t work properly. Texas Speed and Performance offers you many types of the cooling system. According to the different parts, you will have to pay. The price range starts from $4 only and goes up to $3571. 

  1. Exhaust:

Different exhausts give your car efficiency at different levels. At TSP, you will find many different types of the exhaust system. They are Axle-Back & Cat-Back System, Exhaust Accessories, Headers & X/Y pipes, Mufflers, and True Dual Exhaust System. 

TSP has an alliance with more than 15 companies for the exhaust system. Whatever you are looking for, they can offer you. The price range starts from $7 to $4739 only. 

  1. Exterior:

Exterior looks are very important when you are driving a car. A bad-looking car is not good for your image and overall impression. TSP has the best car exteriors that are affordable and stylish. 

The renowned manufacturer’s Billet Specialties and Dakota Digital are in deal with Texas Speed and Performance. You can start your shopping at just $34. 

  1. Ignition & electronics:

Any car needs a good ignition system to work properly. Without it, you may face a severe system failure during your trips. TSP offers you accessories, coils, electronic accessories, ignition retard controls, spark plugs & wires, starters, and wiring harnesses. All the ignition systems and accessories come in three different colors. Black, blue, and red. The price range starts from $2 to $785. 

  1. Interior:

The interior section of Texas speed and performance has one item on the list. It is Gas Springs. Billet Specialties is the manufacturer and supplier of these gas springs. You can find these gas springs for only $228. 

  1. Oil & fluids:

TSP understands how important is good oil for your car. A good fluid not only supports smooth driving but also enhances the lifetime of the engine. 

TSP offers you more than 10 types of different oils & fluids. They offer you the oil that is best for you. The range starts from $4 and ends at $181. Texas Speed and Performance has a treaty with manufacturers like Hawk and Prematex. 

  1. Suspension & Chassis: 

Suspension 7 Chassis has a long list of different parts and products. At TSP, you will find more than 20 different types of suspension and chassis. A total of 18 manufacturers supplies their products to us. One of them is BC Racing. The prices range lies from $6 to $8119. 

Final thoughts:

Texasspeed and performance is a place where you can find each stuff you need to renovate your car. Other than the above parts, you will also find power adders, steering, pulleys, tools, wheels, gauges, and gift certificates. 

TSP offers you an affordable and quality renovation that is important for any car owner. They understand that everyone wants maximum services with minimum charges. You can also check the Texas speed and performance reviews.