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How To Score High on the Real Estate Exam

Real Estate Exam
Real Estate Exam

Real estate is the land and any man-made additions to it, such as buildings and houses. In a professional way of managing the structures, higher learning institutions are offering real estate courses. The course prepares students for work in property management. It equips students with specifics of real estate about commercial, rental, and private property. The students develop marketing strategies and knowledge of real estate investing. At the end of the learning program, students are required to sit for a real estate exam.

Tips for Passing the Real Estate Exam

Revise on Real Estate Exam Questions

Doing practice tests that mimic the real exam helps you with the idea of the final paper. Studying only material is not enough; familiarize yourself with past exam papers.

Start by Answering the Easy Questions

Do the questions that you can answer first; it gives you confidence in answering the rest of the questions left. Starting with a hard question exhausts the student’s mind.

Look at the Answers First

The real estate exam has multiple choices, looking at the keywords that stand out. Earlier revisions of the exams will help you to know how to determine the key terminology.

Don’t Compete with Other Applicants

Some students are smarter than others; some will complete the exam quickly, while others take time. You are always given enough time to tackle the paper, and you should use it well.

Don’t be Afraid to Answer the Same Letter Multiple Times in a Row

The correct answer can be a repetitive letter A or another letter. Don’t assume that question one can be A and two can’t be A as well.

Don’t Choose an Answer you have Never Heard of

Something that you have never studied is unlikely to be the correct answer.

Be Positive

Winning in everything needs a positive attitude, that everything is achievable. Having a positive mind while doing your real estate exams determines the score’s results.

Do a Short Course

Do an online short course like a 75-hour real estate course that helps students confidently prepare for their exams in real estate practice.

Ways to Learn About Real Estate

Go to School

Take a class or a seminar in real estate. Colleges and universities offer the lessons. You can take the lessons through online programs or attend the lecture room. You can also buy textbooks from the college bookstore or online.

Real Estate Associations

Real estate associations offer free training materials, maps, and statistical data. By visiting them, you will acquire a lot of printed materials that help with the knowledge of real estate.

Newsletters and Magazine Subscriptions

You can have real estate information by signing up for the newsletters and magazines from their portal. The information can be delivered to your inbox or mailbox according to how you choose. Visiting their websites also helps with great learning information.

Learn from Experts

You can learn from your friends in real estate. Ask questions regarding what you want to know. They will help you learn the tactics of real estate.

Topics Covered in Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

Modern Real Estate Practice

The new edition has set the standard of excellence for real estate licensing education. It covers the current legislation and market information.

Real Property

It covers the rights of ownership, the right to possess, lease and sell land. It is classified according to commercial, residential, industrial, special purpose, or agricultural.

Ethical Issues in Real Estate

In real estate, discrimination is one of the ethical issues and is unlawful. Discrimination can be according to race, age, religion, or gender, among others. The topic covers the issues and how to avoid them.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

The legal aspects vary from state to state; your real estate school will educate you according to the state you are in. You will also learn about disclosure policies.

Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency

The chapter covers the responsibilities that agents, sellers, brokers, buyers, and third-party agents have to each other. It also covers different regulations to be followed by each party.


Scoring high in the Real Estate exam requires a lot of effort to be put into studies. One must be knowledgeable about what is covered in the real estate textbooks and articles. A thorough revision of past exams papers is also needed for the familiarization with the test ahead.

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