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5 Tips to Make Your Best Purge Costume for This Halloween

purge costume
purge costume

Halloween is an all-time favorite festival among the people of western countries. People love to celebrate it with their own style. Children go door to door and ask for candies. Trick or treat is a great way to celebrate it. One of the best things about Halloween is the costumes party. This article is about purge costume.

You can easily see many children and even adults roaming around your city wearing weird costumes that give you a feel of horror. These horror costumes can be inspired by demons, witches, monsters, or any horror movie. So don’t be surprised if you see the clown monster Pennyworth outside of your home. You can also come face to face with a girl in white carrying Annabelle and asking you for trick or treat. This is fantastic. 

But do you want to become something special? Something that would be very different than usual monster dresses. Have you heard of ‘The Purge’? The purge costumes can be a fantastic idea if you are going for a Halloween. It is human but very creepy and presence a sense of real insanity. 

Today I am going to talk about The Purge costumes ideas for Halloween. But before that let’s go through ‘The Purge’.

What is The Purge?

The Purge is a super hit film franchise that first came out in the year 2013. In this movie, the whole story revolves around a very interesting point. America, the world’s most powerful country has achieved almost absolute perfect situations for its citizen. The employment rate is above 99%. There is almost no crime in the whole country. Everything is going perfectly and there is absolute peace. But at what price?

The United States of America has started an annual day for its people which allows you to do any crime within 12 hours in a year. Only one day in the year for 12 hours, you can commit any crime and that’s absolutely legal. You will not be put into jail or no court will conduct a single crime session on you. You will be absolutely free even after murders.
This movie became a super hit. Soon after its success, the filmmakers decided to continue this franchise. After the first movie there comes The Purge: Anarchy in 2014, The Purge: Election year in 2016, The First Purge in 2018, and The Forever Purge in 2021. During 2018-2019 The Purge came as a television series also.

The Purge Costume Ideas for Halloween:

The Purge was released as a horror, action & thriller movie. As the franchise started to come out with new ideas; the film started to adapt to action more than horror. So if you are going to a purge costume, you can find many options in your hands. Purge Costumes will give you a very creepy and insane look. So let’s start our list:

1. The famous Purge mask: 

In the movie ‘The Purge’ there are some mask people who attack a home. This mask is very famous for Halloween costumes. The masks are really very creepy and give a chill sensation when you look at them. 

There are basically different types of masks in which my favorite is the mask with no permanent structure. This mask has eyes and a mouth but it’s creepy because none of them is fully structured. It feels like they have been melted down and the white color of the mask gives it a pure horror element. 

Another mask is the one that has a creepy smile on its face. It has two big closed eyes and a big smiling mouth. The color of this mask is also white.

You can also wear a purge anarchy Halloween costumes mask which has a cross on its forehead and additional boundaries around its eyes.

2. A simple black hoodie:

Believe it or not, a simple black hoodie can become a perfect purge costume for Halloween. Buy a full black hoodie from any store or any online store. It would be better if you buy the hoodie’s size one size larger than you usually. It will make your look more insane. 

Also, you must watch for any kind of prints or letters on that hoodie. There must not be any prints as it will eliminate the whole effect. 

And on the bonus point just torn your hoodie from some places and burn it from some places. These burnt holes will make it absolutely horror.

3. An Axe for the Purge Costume Halloween:

With the above two styles, if you carry an Axe, it would add one darker layer to your personality. This ax is a very simple modern ax. This does not have any element of horror. It neither has big metal parts nor does it have a big wooden handle and it is also medium in size. It is painted in red on its sides and it shows its metal blade. 

If you are playing with some kind of horror elements, being brutal and mysterious can be a great option and ax looks creepier than having a gun.

4. The Purge Costume uncle Sam:

Uncle Sam came in The Purge: election year. This movie came to the theaters in the year 2016. The Uncle Sam costume includes a three-piece set for men. This costume includes pants designed like an American flag, a blue suit, and a gun. This purge costume also includes an automatic gun colored in the American flag and a creepy mask. 

If you want to have a super horror element on Halloween, you must go with this costume.

5. Red stained white shirts and socks:

When you are dealing with scary things, blood stains can work like a miracle. Bloodstains are a sign of killing or insanity.  It also increases the intensity of the scene.


A white shirt having blood stains or long socks full of bloodstains can really be a very scary costume for the day. In bonus, if you use fake blood on your body or on your face it would be a great advantage. Only your look will be enough to kill anyone.

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