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photo negative mickey
photo negative mickey

Are you looking for information about the photo negative mickey? Yes! You are in the right place. Several games demand searching for specific items to lead through the game. One such game- Five nights at Treasure Island, developed by the Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez is too. It gets its plot from varied series like Five Nights at Freddy’s. Along with this, the creepypasta, Abandoned by Disney also has some relevancy to this game. 

In this game, the player has to find a photo negative mickey mouse. In addition, the player needs to find a Donald duck’s head containing a skull. If the player fails to find the desired elements, this will result in death and ultimately losing the game. 

So, if you wish to seek information about the hidden elements, you are in the right place. We have curated the details that you need to know beforehand.

What does Photo Negative Mickey look like?

The photo negative Mickey Mouse costume looks similar to Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The only major difference is the photo negative coloring appearance of the game’s costume. 

Otherwise, everything else like a short and pointed nose ad tail, big and round ears are all the same. In addition, the pants with buttons, shoes, gloves, and even the big grin are exactly the same. When you reverse this costume, the exact Disney Mickey Mouse appears. 

The antagonist character tends to secrete a yellow and thick fluid. This reveals in the first trailer. In addition, the appearance of the photonegative sort was enough to jump scare the audience. The appearance was a little large with empty eye sockets. In addition, the wider grinning smile add-on to the darker version of Mickey Mouse altogether.

What is the behavior of the photo negative mickey?

In addition, to the disembodied, the photo negative mickey appears in character 1 prep. Firstly, you will witness him lying on the floor. Afterward, he prepares to get up. This is the right time to prepare to face off Mickey Mouse. 

The Mickey Mouse photo negative is apparent in every single camera except two. These are camera 4 and camera 7 respectively. This is only when the mickey character is active. 

The creator of the character further explains that the character is though blind. But, it has a premium hearing sense. In addition, when in the suit, the Mickey Mouse character could hear things as well. But, you need to understand here is that the hearing sense is a little poor at this stage as well. 

Several remedial measures to save players are as follows:

When you caught the inverted mickey in the office. You need to pull off your monitor and immediately switch off the camera. This will lead to greater noise sounds. In this way, the antagonist character chases away to a different location successfully. 

If the player delays or tends to ignore the inverted mickey inside the office. Otherwise, gets to die. You could even hide under the table in the office. But, this just gives you a 50-50 probability for survival. 

The negative Mickey Mouse comes again and again in chapter prep 1. It doesn’t even matter if you have kept the camera off, it comes again and again, and in this way, the cycle keeps on repeating. 

In addition, sometimes it might be already standing instead of lying down. This occurs on night 2. Along with this, the photo negative Mickey Mouse can enter the office either from the left or from the right. It appears to be right when he enters from the meat freezer. In addition, the entry appears from the left when he enters the lounge.

What is the location for photo negative mickey?

In character prep 1, the photo negative mickey is lying on the ground. Slowly and gradually he gets up. Once the antagonist character is active and up, it can enter and roam to several places. This includes the bathroom, staff area, lounge, meat freezer, and the office premises too. 

A few important facts that you need to know beforehand are as follows:

  • Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez is the creator and the lead voice behind the game. 
  • Earlier the character of Mickey Mouse resembled one from the Disney world. But, due to copyright, it changes to the present negative image. 
  • Oswald and Suicide Mouse are the only two locations where negative mouse characters cannot enter. 
  • Willy replaced this character in the final game. 
  • When you stare at the screen, the mouse stares back at you. His eyes expand, burst open, and he jumps to scare the player. 
  • In Remastered 2.0 and 3.0 versions, the antagonists cannot go inside the bathroom.

A little about FNATI

Five Nights at Freddy’s and Abandoned by Disney are the sole motivators behind the creation of the Five nights at treasure island. The first version came out back in the year 2014. Afterward, the final version came out after a long wait of 6 years, in the year 2020. 

The gameplay consists of a Treasure Island premise. Further, there is an office. This office cannot abandon at any time by the layer. There are a total of 10 cameras on the premises. This needs monitor throughout by the player. When the mascot enters the premises, the camera needs to be off immediately. This results in making a huge noise to successfully send the mascot in a different direction. When a player fails to do so, the result is death and the end of the game. 

You are the jack smith, the new night intern at the Treasure Island premise. You should survive throughout the challenged 5 nights at Treasure Island in order to win the game. 

However, the costumes, at the campus, are alive and antagonists in the game. One such fnati mickey is the real threat to the survival of the players. You need to understand to escape and survive at any cost.


This was all about a photo negative mickey costume from the Five Nights At Treasure Island. The player should know the tips, tricks, and guides beforehand to survive this antagonist character in the game. The struggle through Treasure Island for 5 nights is real and scary. So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore it yourself. 

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