6 Ways To Be More Personable Professional With Your Boss

Rajiv Gupta

Many struggle to build a professional relationship with their bosses beyond the typical “good mornings” and “how are yous.” To establish a real connection with your employer, you must think beyond a Zoom office background with a company logo. An employer is invested in employees that take an interest and show initiative. Thankfully, there are several techniques you can use to improve your relationship with your boss, making it more personable and professional.

Don’t Forget To Ask About Their Family

It is normal and expected for employees to ask about technical issues, such as Zoom background requirements. Managers and executives become used to logistical discussions. If you want to make more of an impact, consider asking your boss about their family. Many employers love the opportunity to talk about their family life. However, there is a time and place for everything. Do not bring up random questions about your boss’s family when you are in the middle of a massive project with the deadline approaching.

Ask for Constructive Feedback

Beyond instructing employees about a custom Google Meet background, your employer is a vessel of knowledge. Employees that seek constructive feedback tend to stand out from those that do their job and clock out in the evening. Standing out can be a good thing, especially for the right reasons. Asking for feedback shows your boss that you want to improve. When you receive feedback, you incorporate it in the next project or have a valid reason for rejecting it.

Talk About Goals

Many workers believe they only work to maintain the status quo, but most employers want to see their employees climb the ranks. It would help if you remembered that your boss is not only there to manage projects, but they are also there to help and teach you. It is wise to make your goals known. Talk openly to your boss about where you want to be in the company. Ask for advice. Don’t be shy.

Take the Initiative

Every project presents opportunities to take on more work or improve something. Feel free to take the initiative when opportunities present themselves. For example, if your employer mentions they will need someone to format an Excel spreadsheet or something, volunteer. Employers like employees who help, even when it goes beyond their duties.

Maintain Positivity

No one likes a sour puss. You must ensure you bring your best to work every day. You always want to maintain a positive attitude and a professional tone, regardless of what happens at home. Positivity matters in a team and work environment.

Have an Opinion

Never be afraid to share your opinion. Too many employees feel the best way to get ahead is to become a “yes” person. Innovation is not made on the back of one person. Companies depend on the opinions of others to grow and profit.

Do you want more insight into perfecting your relationship with your employer? Consider talking to a career adviser.

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