Know The Truth About Medications

Have you witnessed that medicine that worked for you didn’t work for one of your friends? It may surprise you but it’s true. In recent research on medications, doctors have concluded that not all bodies react in the same way to a drug. 

Sometimes the reactions or side effects can be simple as rashes. In other cases, it can be life-threatening. But why does this happen? And what would be our possible future with medications? 

The Gene Effect on Medications:

In the last few years, the health industry has seen vast pieces of evidence for the gene effects on a medication process. The drug-drug-gene interaction has made it clear that our bodies give different outcomes. 

The only motive of all drugs is to minimize the disease and improve the health of the patient. The process includes three stages in it: Loading the Dose, Maintaining the Dose, and Dosing Interval. 

The doctor prescribes an average time for the complete healing of the patient. But some cases have shown Adverse Drug Reactions. 

The reason behind these ADRs is the genetic differences among us. Our DNA/ genes resist and support different drugs. These side effects can be dangerous to death also.  

What is the Pharmacogenetics test?  

Pharmacogenetics is a study of the effects of genes on different medications. Genes are the parts that we inherit from our parents. They carry information regarding our bodies. Some of them are the following. 

– Eye-color

– Height

– Blood Group

– Body Structure

– Hair & skin type

You can understand it as a DNA test 24Genetics. It helps in studying and creating the personal medical care process. Once you take a Pharmacogenetics test, your health care can suggest medication that would work for you most efficiently. 

Twenty-Four Genetics is a leading company in the field of personalized medications. Twenty-Four genetics makes its report based on DNA analysis results. After the test, it uses algorithms for prescribing the best medications for you. 

Limitations of Pharmacogenetics Test:

  1. One test may be not able to disclose all the details about your responses. You may have to go through it multiple times. 
  2. Pharmacogenetics Tests are not for each medicine. 
  3. Aspiring has no Pharmacogenetics Tests. 

Future of Medications:

Recent past years have proved that ADRs are one of the major reasons for untimely deaths. In the year 2015, 3.6% of patients went to hospitals. 10% of all the patients had developed side effects during the process. Between the years 2011 and 2016, the reports have shown a highly increased rate of ADRs in patients. Drug-drug-gene interactions have been one of the major reasons for this. On a note, an elderly going through many diseases has a higher chance to develop ADR than a younger one. 

The future is clear. We are heading towards personal medications for health issues. However, this does not apply to all drugs. You may not need a test. Make sure that you don’t go for a Pharmacogenetics test without the permission of a certified doctor.

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