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Licht Black Clover: A Must Watch Famous Japanese Manga Series

licht black clover
licht black clover

A Japanese manga starring Licht Black Clover and happening in subcontinent Asia is the highlight of Black Clover. Similarly, the writing and illustration of this Japanese Manga series Black Clover are Yuki Tabata. In 2017, an original video animation of the manga shows emerged by Xebec Zwei. From Oct 2017 to March 2021, the broadcast of an animated TV series of the same was shown in Japan on TV Tokyo.

The producer of the adapting TV series Black Clover is Pierrot broadcast, Japan. However, Viz Media has the license for the English version of the black clover licht in North America. However, the animation series license goes to Crunchyroll and Funimation. Similarly, in 2015 the publication Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published the manga serially. At present 29 volumes of the manga series are running and moving on. 

The Licht Black Clover: Synopsys

  • The story of licht black clover surrounding two orphans Asta and Yuno.
  • Similarly, the outskirts of the Shamrock were the location the orphans grew up.
  • Their world was full of people born with magical powers.
  • However, Asta was born without any powers.
  • On the contrary, with above-average magical supremacy, Yuno was born an intellect.
  • Similarly, he was also having the talent to control it.
  • Additionally, during the age ceremony, it was a custom in their world to get magic gifts.
  • As a result, Yuno is given a rare four-leaf clover grimoire which was similar to the original Magical Emperor.
  • In contrast, as born without any powers Asta receives a tattered grimoire.
  • However, the tattered grimoire was a four-leaf clover.
  • In addition, there lies a devil in the four-leaf clover handed over to Asta.
  • The story moves forward following Asta and Yuno as they rise through various ranks of the Order of Magic Knights of the Kingdom of the Clover.
  • Similarly, both of their goals are to become the Magic Emperor.
  • However, they also have to face scrutiny by the nobles of the kingdom while rising through various ranks.
  • But the naked and bitter truth in Licht black clover is that only one will win the title.
  • As a result, the one winning the title will become the strongest wizard in the kingdom.

All about Licht Black Clover

  • The licht black clover is the leader of the Elven tribe.
  • Moreover, he is also one of the ten Apostles Sephirah of the clover
  • Similarly, he tied the knot with Tetia a human woman.
  • Also, Tetia is the sister of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the first magical emperor.
  • The specialty of Licht is that he is a tall, lean fairy with: – 
  • Firstly, white skin.
  • Secondly, slightly feminine facial features.
  • third and finally, golden eyes. 
  • He has white hair which he ties backward in a single ponytail.
  • Similarly, on his artificial body, he was having two sequences of tattoos.
  • They are: – 
  • First, on the cheeks – an upright line beneath each eye.
  • Second, in the center of the forehead – four points form a rhombus encircled by curve lines.


Who is licht in black clover? lichts is a gentle and empathetic elf. Similarly, he has sought peace amongst the elves and the humans. Moreover, he displays sturdy wisdom of understanding towards both elves and humans. Also, those who are his friends, licht was having a strong sense of loyalty and love for them. lichts was having clear evidence that Lemiel was betraying and killing elves, due to the light magic in the attack. However, licht never completely loses the faith in his friend. Also, he understands that his friend did nothing erroneous and that he was guiltless. 

Licht does not speak much and shows no emotions since his resurrection. However, while watching two elves embracing defeat reminds him of the slaughter of the elf tribe. As a result, it was prompting for Licht to fight Asta and Yuno. However, Licht recoups his unique sweet temperament. The reason behind this was that Secre awakens Licht’s soul with her sealing magic.

Licht Black Clover: Powers

First, Sword Magic.

  • Licht generates different swords by sword magic black clover attributes.
  • Different sword magic black clover of licht swords are Origin flash, Origin flash barrage, and Conquering eon. 

Second, Reinforcement Magic.

  • The reinforcement magic aids Licht to increase physical abilities mainly strength and speed.
  • However, specific spells storing in the grimoires help this magic to attain its full potential.
  • Also, one can enhance the abilities of allies with the help of this magic.
  • Different spells of this magic are mana skin, leg strength boost, base run gamble, and magic pollen.

Third, Union Magic.

  • In fact, Union magic is an amalgamation of two magical hexes.
  • The different types of union magic are: –
  • First, Mirrors slash
  • Second, Flame-lightening explosive cannon
  • Third, Sea God slash
  • Fourth, Le Chateau de Verre
  • Fifth, Storm of light imperial swords of conviction
  • Sixth, Reflect Iris
  • Seventh, Demon-dweller swords: protecting light
  • Eighth, Demon dweller sword: spirit light tree
  • Ninth, Sea Gods Descent
  • Tenth and finally Mirrors meteorite

Fourth and finally, Forbidden Magic.

  • Forbidden magic is a variety of spells that draw power from the underworld.
  • Similarly, these spells use negative mana or a sinister man from the underworld.
  • Different spells of this magic are Evil eye, Noad nephesh, and Eternal prison.
  • Secondly, Abilities.
  • First, Master Swordsman
  • Second, Immense Speed
  • Third, Immense Magic Power
  • Fourth and finally, Ultimate Magic
  • Third and finally, Equipment.
  • Firstly, Grimoire
  • Licht owns a four-leaf clover grimoire which gives him immense strength.
  • This grimoire contains various magic spells which give Licht power.
  • Secondly, Swords
  •  First, the Demon-Slayer Sword.
  • Second, Demon-Dweller Sword.
  • Third and finally, the Demon-Destroyer Sword.
  • All these licht swords gave Licht tremendous powers.

Summing Up

The way that the Black Clover treats the women characters is thrilling. Similarly, the story licht black clover gives women a narrative significance. Even, it allows women to participate in war. Black Clover has elevated the bar for portrayals of female leaders in the shounen anime. The licht black clover story is highly portraying women in leadership positions.

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