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Instant Nanny: Best Drama Movie You Should Watch

instant nanny
instant nanny

Instant Nanny is a drama-based movie. In this article, we will review the instant nanny movie. “Movies are not just a way of entertainment. It feeds our mind with information in form of stories. Those stories become a cultural trait and occupy our minds subconsciously. Movies are a way of reshaping our own society slowly and proficiently. Movies are now serving as a building block of our society.”

After thinking and meditating, oh wait not so much. Watching many movies and experiencing the changes in my own mindset that came after each film lead I the above thought. This is amazing that how these long-duration videos have changed their course over a long period of time and as they were changing, society knowingly or unknowingly was following this cinematography with absolutely fantastic stories.

For the last some decades, films are getting a more grey tone in their delivery. A casual attitude toward everything and foul language culture has emerged at a very high rate. On the other hand, there are still some great movies that keep the touch of emotion and values up. For example Pursuit of happiness.

Today I am going to tell you about a very lovely, simple yet majestic movie that gives us lessons that life has something big for us. A pretty bright future and surprises that we don’t even think of. Life has its shooting stars for us. We just need to focus on things that really matter to our hearts. 

Instant Nanny, A movie that uplifts us:

We all love to watch movies. We all want to watch a good entertaining movie that leaves us a message too. Instant nanny is one of those few movies that really show the lovely parts of life. It shows how life gives you a new dream and lifestyle every day to tackle your obstacles. 

Instant Nanny Cast:

The Instant Nanny is a beautiful movie that comes into a segment of romance and drama. In this movie, the number of major characters is four. Other than this there are several other supporting actors who have played the remaining important roles. 

Actor Aaron Hill played the role of Dan Connor in the nanny movie 2015.

Actress Jessey Schram played the role of Libby Prescott.

Actress Alley Millis was Irene, mother of Jessey.

Similarly, Rachel Eggleston played the role of Hannah.

Actress Elisabeth was seen as a supporting character as Louisa Lee.

Actress Tamara Taylor played the role of Andrea Moore.

Gabriel Suttle played a vital role as Sam Anderson.

Stephanie Lemelin worked as Robin.

Anthony Strake played the role of Ted.

Actor Keisuke Hoashi played the role of Scott Mays.

Sopjhie Pollono was seen as Jemma.

Kristin Cary has shown herself as Principal Carter in this movie.

Actor Gary Kraus played the role of James.

The very handsome actor Max Page played his role as David.

Actress Ingrid Walters played the role of Mrs. Russell.

We saw actor Payson Lewis in the role of Mugger.

Josh Fingerhut played the role of Tom.

Sarah Lilly was seen as Evelyn. 

Actress Marlis Amiea played her character as Bake Sake Mom.

And finally, behind the scenes of the movie, there was a pretty voice for everyone. It’s Maria Albinana in the movie’s background.

Instant Nanny Storyline:

Instant Nanny movie walks on a very simple storyline. This movie’s message is clear, soft, and calming to people’s hearts. The story revolves around Libby Peterson who is a working lady in the IT sector. One day her company fired her from her post and after this she became jobless. She started to feel that all her plans for the future will be destroyed. She has nothing to do right now, nothing she can hope for. For her living, she started a search for a new job. 

One day she was offered a temporary job by a police cop named Dan Connor who is the father and single parent of his two children. Due to some issues, he had to change the foster homes for his kids thrice already. Now he wants a person who can take care of his children. Libby agrees to this job. But she has no experience with kids. She is an IT professional. She goes for her new job. She tries to be comfortable and she does it quite well. She started to like children and children started to like her too. In between all this, she also develops some feelings for their father, Dan Connor. Dan Connor started to like her too. Soon they become really close as a family. 

But the twist comes when Libby gets her dream job in a reputed organization. She always wanted this only but now she is really confused between her dreams and her new family whom she loves so much.

The movie further goes on with the confusion and the solution after these emotional situations. The movie ends with Libby’s decision. What was that decision? For this, you must watch this wonderful movie.

How can you watch Instant Nanny?

Instant nanny is a movie full of entertainment and lovely life values. This movie had hit the theatres in 2015. It is a family drama and romance movie. You can nanny watch this movie on different online platforms. 

Instant nanny is easily available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can easily find this movie on amazon prime watch instantly. Other than this there are several sites where you can easily download this movie. 

There is also one you-tube channel that makes Gospel music named UPtv. This channel does live to stream this wonderful movie. You can subscribe to this channel for the latest updates.


As per my personal thoughts, Instant Nanny is a film which you can watch with your whole family. It is an entertaining and lovely movie which has values in it. Rotten Tomatoes has given this 50% fresh and it’s Jessey Schram IMDb rating is 6.6 out of 10.

Final Thoughts

If I say, I personally don’t trust much on the review websites rather than this I prefer to watch movies by myself and check them if they are worth watching or not. And I am expecting the same from you all readers. If you want to see a calm soothing movie, you should check Instant Nanny once. I hope you will like it.

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