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Innova Corsetry- Best Corset Brand 2021

innova corsetry
innova corsetry

Dresses are an inevitable part of life. Dresses gives you comfort in front of the world. Somehow it also shows how much a person has to offer the world. Dresses are also one way to show the luxury we live in. This article is about Innova Corsetry.

However people of new age wear comfort over style but there are times when you need a super stylish dress of luxury. One of these are a Corset. Corset is a very old dress that queens used to wear. Venefica corsetry is one of the makers of corset but today I am going to tell you about another corset making company. Its amazing corset are modern, stylish, and luxurious. When wear you will not look any lesser than a model. 

What is Corset (Innova Corsetry)? 

Corset is a very luxurious dress item of women. Catherine de Medici was the first person who invented the corset undergarment. French court women used to wear it. Corset was a very tight, elongated bodice undergarment that women used to wear under their dresses. 

People used to wear corset for keeping their body in a definite hour glass shape. They were using it to train their body to be in one body. In old times, people used to believe that this type of dressing will help them to burn their fat and transform their body shape. 

In the late 20th century, fashion turned the definition of corset to refer to the special tops. These tops have inspiration from the corset under garments without acting as them. 

Corset dresses features lacing or boning. These dresses have lacing on its back. Corset does not come in readymade. It comes in different shapes for different people. Experts will make your corset according to your body shape and fittings. 

What is Innova Corsetry? 

Innova Corsetry is a manufacturer of modern world class corsets. In the modern times, wearing a corset top is a sign of luxury. And Innova Corsetry walks on the same path. 

Innova Corsetry makes luxurious corset tops for women & men both. At Innova, you will find corset made for you specially. The company makes corsets according to your fittings and your body shape. 

As in old times, women used to wear corset as a body shape trainer. They used to wear it underneath their clothing to get a figure of hour glass shape. Nowadays corset is now become unusual style trend. People from wealthy background wear it as their royal signature. 

Innova corsetry is located at ‘San Juan’ and extremely famous for its royal corsets. 

Product list of Innova Corsetry:

Innova corsetry makes corsets for men & women both. It was long ago when only women could wear it. Here is the list of products that Innova corset makes. 

1. Innova Corset Vest: 

The very first product that Innova has to offer you is its corset vest. Innova corsetry vest is one of the top luxurious garments in the city. This corset vest is enough for attracting anyone’s eye towards you. 

The corset comes in various colors. However the design will be same. But this one design is enough. The corset has nylon in its material. It has lashing at its back. This corset is available in green & gold, blue & black, Light blue & blue and crème, and black color. 

This corset is only for those people who have the dare to wear something out of the line.  

You can easily buy it from the official website of the Innova corsetry. Its price is only $ 349.9 USD. 

2. Waist Trainers: 

Waist trainer serve the purpose of original corset. It trains your body to be in one shape. This corset is for using under your clothes. You can also use it as a full day wear. On regular use it can shape your body towards your goal. There are different types of waist trainer in the Innova library. 

  • Body Contour: Body contour waist trainers corset are for giving your body a natural shape. This helps you to shape your body to come in hour glass shape yet comfortable while wearing. However there are two body contours. One is simple and other one is extreme body waist trainer. You can buy these waist trainers at $ 95 and $ 105 only. 
  • Bamboo Liner: Bamboo liner is a soft cotton cloth. Bamboo liner is used to promote the life span of body counters and corsets. This bamboo liner is an extremely soft material. It absorbs humidity of the body that corsets and waist trainers have caused. 

It has 92% bamboo and 8% elastane in its material. Bamboo liner is also an antibacterial cloth. It saves you from any kind of rashes and infection from wearing corset belts, wait trainers and corsets. 

Bamboo liner is available in official website of Innova corsetry at only $13. 

3. Corset Belts: 

As its name suggests, people use corset belts on their waists. This is for women who like to wear wider accessories. The corset belts are of two types. One has glass clear PVC material and other one is having pure leather. Both of these has steel boning for detailing while keeping the hour glass shape of your body. 

This corset belt helps your body to add an extra layer to your waist. 

It is available on the website for only $ 70. 

4. Bespoke Corsets: 

Bespoke corsets are made to measure corsets. A corset is not a regular wear. Instead it demands you to get in a right shape. Somehow it helps you to get an hour glass shape. But people do mistake while buying corsets and they regret it. Corset has extremely high cost. These bespoke corsets are check for measurements of body.


Bespoke corsets will give you freedom of choosing size. Here you will select the design, color and fabric of the corset. Mean you are your own designer. By checking this out, you can assure of what your corset size is.

This item has a price range of $300-$500 only. You can order it from Innova corsetry official website.

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