How to Prepare for the Class 5 Math Olympiad

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The Olympiad tests, since the time they appeared, have been an extraordinary way of testing an understudy’s comprehension of different subjects. Albeit an Olympiad Exam covers almost similar point understudies study in school, the configuration and the methodology of the Olympiads are very unique; this makes them seriously testing and better analysts of an understudy’s advancement. 

What are Math Olympiad and its motive?

Math Olympiad is a contest or you can say a competition that exists for elementary school, middle school, and high school students. Its main aim and objective are to develop or you can say to foster an interest in students and candidates in Mathematics and to improve their Mathematical skills. For Class 5 the competition or Olympiad is taken by the Indian Talent Olympiad annually at national and international levels.

Stages/Levels of Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad has two levels the first one is a national-level competition and the second is an international-level competition. One of the most renowned competitions for Math subject is the International Mathematical Competition, in which schools of more than 100 countries take part and compete with each other annually.

More about Math Olympiad 

The first Math Olympiad was held and founded in the year 1997. Its program targets or aims at competitions in which candidates from class four to class eight compete remotely. In competitions like this, commonly there are at least five levels every month during the academic calendar. The teacher who is guiding the team and the student who is leading the other students receives the package in which the solutions of the competition are present for which they have to pay a fixed amount. At last, when the competition is over the students are rewarded with certificates, medals, and trophies according to their performance in the contest.

Syllabus for the Olympiad

5th-grade students come under primary (lower) school and the syllabus for them for Math Olympiad is Number System, Subtraction and Addition, Decimals and Fractions, Handling of data, Concepts of Geometry, Multiples and Factors, Division and Multiplication, Measurements and at last Logical Reasoning. 

How to Prepare for the Class 5 Math Olympiad?

When a student gets promoted to the 5th Class, they start learning factors by using HCF and LCM. They come to know about subtraction, multiplication, addition, decimals, and factors of division and additionally they learn the topics like percentages and ratios. Olympiads are the best way to encourage their interest and keep themselves learning something new every time.

Every student needs to have a habit of learning and studying regularly. You should have a clear intention of clearing the exam in one go and should know all the topics which are coming and there in the syllabus and plan your strategies according to it. To do so effectively and efficiently you should follow the following steps-

Olympiads are utilized to propel understudies to set themselves up better for approaching serious tests and to permit them to get a handle on the theoretical information. The following are a couple of tips that will assist you with evaluating your advancement and assist you with getting ready better for your Olympiads.

Know Your Syllabus 

Getting to know your Olympiad’s prospectus ought to be the first on the rundown of your musts. Exhaustive information on the schedule assists you with exploring the points effectively, making the undertaking of covering them simple.

You can discover the points that your school prospectus and your Olympiad schedule share practically speaking which will assist you with sorting out the themes that you should invest more energy in, to guarantee that you are completely ready for your Olympiad tests. 

Make Notes 

Regular understudies depend entirely on the review material they have for their Olympiads. They go through them completely, thinking it is sufficient; yet it isn’t. Making notes as you concentrate assists you with understanding the point all the more effectively. Writing down the focuses that appear to be significant is consistently a smart thought. These short notes end up being very useful as you don’t need to peruse everything once more when you’re modifying for your Olympiads. 

Start Early 

Early is never early enough when you’re planning for a test, particularly one like an Olympiad. The more you are ready, the better it is. Putting off investigations for a later time frame isn’t the best thing to do. Lingering has its own repercussions. Olympiads test your theoretical agreement which is completely subject to your comprehension of the rudiments.

Covering the nuts and bolts and afterward wandering further into the theme are things that can’t effectively be confined to the last-moment arrangements. Start little, on the off chance that you should, however consistently start early with regards to getting ready for your Olympiads. 

Careful discipline brings about promising results 

On account of the web and a ton of preliminary books accessible on the lookout, it is a lot simpler to plan for the Olympiads. An understudy needs to get their hands on as many example question papers and past years.

Olympiad question papers as they can so they could possibly really get to know the example of the assessment, however, can rehearse as well. Rehearsing guarantees that your critical thinking speed gets quicker which can be an extraordinary benefit during the day of the actual Olympiad. Rehearsing additionally helps fabricate certainty, and the more issues you settle, the more grounded your grip on the idea gets. 


Simply examining and rehearsing is never enough about planning for an Olympiad. One should survey themselves to sort out their own space of qualities and shortcomings to figure out where one needs to invest more energy and where it isn’t so essential. Timing yourself as you tackle test papers and scoring yourself with next to no predisposition assists you with dissecting your exhibition and setting you up intellectually for your Olympiad and solving old papers such as IMO Class 5 2011 Question Paper.

These are some extremely essential yet most critical advances that one should stringently follow to have the option to plan intelligently for their Olympiads.

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