How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home?

Mukul Patwa

How to clean golf clubs at home, and how do they keep their golf clubs so shiny?” Your game will improve if you clean your clubs thoroughly. If your golf club’s grooves are covered in dirt, they cannot control your ball and clean tracks.

However, even if the grooves are clean, the ball’s restitution off a dirty club face may have an adverse effect. Wash the irons repeatedly, and then dry the clubs with a towel. If you leave your clubs out in the rain, rust will grow, making them appear ugly and lowering their worth. In this article, we will discuss how to clean golf clubs.

How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home?

Mix two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or detergent with one quart of warm water in a basin or a bucket, depending on the number of clubs requiring cleaning. You can clean the clubs with the dish that’s provided. Scrub your club’s head using a toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles dipped into the mixture. Avoid getting your club’s director too wet while doing this, and know how to clean golf clubs properly.

How to clean my golf clubs?

Following are steps to learn how to clean my golf clubs and how to clean golf clubs on the course:

  • Put the iron in the water that is just about room temperature.
  • Use your brush to thoroughly scrub the entire head and face, especially the grooves.
  • Use your towel to remove any traces of dirt and grime.
  • Put the sputtering iron back into the water.
  • Make sure you use your towel to dry off.

An Iron’s Cleaning Instructions:

Three teaspoons of dish soap or liquid detergent in a bucket full of warm water is an excellent place to start. The heads of the clubs should be soaked in water for five minutes at the most. Then, remove the irons one at a time using the soft-bristle brush. Make sure to clean all the nooks and crannies on the club head. A toothbrush or even a golf tee can use to reach into the tiniest crevices.

Cleaning Putty and Wood:

Follow the exact directions for cleaning irons as you would for cleaning drivers and fairway woods. To clean the club, avoid using harsh chemicals in favor of a towel or soft-bristle brush. Cleaning the grooves, the crown, and the sole are all things that need to be done. Even though woods are less critical than irons in terms of performance, they still need to be kept clean to prevent long-term damage.

Cleaning using your bare hands:

However, grip cleaning is a routine practice that golfers should notice. Over time, filth and wear accumulate on the grips of a golf club, making it more difficult to grip the club. Wipe them down with a moist towel after each game to keep them in top condition and increase their lifespan. Soft-bristle brush in warm soapy water can thoroughly clean the grip on all sides. Afterward, wash and dry the hold with a towel using soap and water.

How do you get rid of rust from clubs?

Rusty golf clubs can be revived with a bit of vinegar at home. The residue can be removed by rubbing it into the skin. Take your time and be careful not to inflict additional damage. 


The toothpaste can also be used to clean golfing equipment. You can erase some minor paint blemishes using toothpaste.

Pressure Washing:

Some golfers have used Power washers to clean their clubs. If you’re concerned about damaging your clubs or wasting water, this method should be done carefully.

How do you clean golf clubs like a pro?

These are the things you’ll need for specialty cleaning:

There is a wide variety of golf-relate cleaning supplies and equipment for sale. For example, specialist bristle brushes can use to clean your golf equipment. On the other hand, you may clean your clubs at home cheaply using only a few everyday household products. An old toothbrush with a gentle bristle should do the trick. 

It’s Time to Relax

Wipe your clubs down with a moist cloth after each shot on the golf course. You only need a towel clip from a golf bag to do this. While waiting for your image, you can use the golf tee to clean the grooves of dirt and filth. 

Specialty Cleaning Supplies:

There is a wide variety of golf-related cleaning supplies and equipment for sale. For example, you can clean your golf clubs using specialist bristle brushes. You can clean your golf equipment at home on a tight budget with a few common household materials. You should be okay with a soft-bristle meeting, like an old toothbrush.

Keeping the Game Area Clean:

The golf course is a beautiful place to clean up after each stroke by wiping off your clubs. Using a golf bag towel clip is the quickest and most straightforward solution. You can use your golf tee to clean the ball’s grooves while waiting for a shot. The easiest way to keep your golf clubs in top condition is to keep them clean and dry between attempts. It is more is needed to clean your clubs as described earlier thoroughly.


The procedure of cleaning your golf equipment is a simple one that should take a few minutes. Keeping your golf equipment in peak condition may be easier by following a regular cleaning schedule. Doing routine maintenance cleaning on your clubs is also a good idea. From the above, you will be able to learn how to clean golf clubs at home.


What’s the best way to clean golf clubs?

Combine two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid or soap with warm water to clean a sink or a bucket.

What is the best way to clean golf clubs with Coca-Cola?

The Coke should soak into the bucket’s bottom, where the club heads will insert it.

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