How Many Wheels Are in the World? [2023]

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Do you ever wonder how many wheels are in the world right now? With a significant increase in vehicle production each year, the automotive industry has been booming, resulting in an estimated 37 billion wheels being used worldwide for relevant parts like wheels. The total number of vehicles, the type of vehicles, and the number of wheels per vehicle are all taken into account when calculating the total number of wheels in the world.

In this article, we will explore how many wheels are in the world and the different types of wheels used in various applications.

How many wheels are In the world total?

The world has a lot of wheels, but how many? Many of us today are still puzzled by this question. Although we don’t know the precise number of wheels on earth, we do know enough to make an educated guess.

We can estimate that there are probably around 1 billion cars and light trucks currently parked in driveways all across the United States by looking at statistics from around the world! Just North America has that many vehicles on its roads and highways; the rest of the world has many more than that.

In fact, it’s estimated that there are currently about 37 billion wheels rolling across the surface of our planet if you take into account all different kinds of vehicles (such as bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards, etc.).

Here is a quick breakdown of how many wheels are there in the world.

1. Cars

how many wheels are in the world
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We can base the calculation on the current global car population, which is approximately 1.446 billion cars, by multiplying it by the number of wheels on each car. While multiplying this by four would be ideal, cars have more than four wheels.

Yes, the steering wheel in front of the driver’s seat and the wheels that power the transmission should be included.

There may only be about 8.7 billion wheels on Earth for car vehicles if an average of 6 wheels is multiplied by 1.446 billion cars.

2. Bicycles and Motorcycles

The combined number of wheels from bicycles and motorcycles in the world is approximately 2 billion. If we exclude gears, we can calculate the total number of bicycles currently in use, which is estimated to be around 1 billion, each with two wheels.

3. Buses and Trucks

When we are talking about how many wheels are in the world, we can’t just neglect the contribution of buses and trucks to this number. Approximately 75 million trucks and buses are in use worldwide at this time. In contrast to trucks, which can range in size from a small cargo vehicle to a large delivery truck, buses are typically used for public transportation. Buses and trucks are primarily used for the transportation of people and goods, the movement of livestock, getting people from one place to another, and amusement.

They typically have larger wheels as a result than automobiles and bicycles. Buses and trucks come in a wide variety of designs, including city buses, school buses, charter buses, and more. They also have various engines, including diesel and gasoline engines. The number of passengers that can fit on each engine depends on its size; some can hold up to 100 passengers, while others can only hold 10!

4. Tractors


In the entire world, there are 120 million tractors. They are used to tow hay balers, seeders, sprayers, trailers, and plows. Additionally, they are forklifts.

In order to get their crops off the ground and into storage or onto trucks for transportation to market, farmers rely heavily on tractors. Who knew there could be so many trucks on the planet? However, the truth is that there are many of these cars all over the world. How many wheels each of these will have is easy to imagine.

5. Train Wagons

Currently, there are about 18 million train wagons and 250 million wheels in existence worldwide.

Wagons are a class of railroad car that can carry passengers, luggage, or freight. Although it is now less frequently used in American English, the word “wagon” is still crucial to British English vocabulary. The first wagons had only four wheels and were made from whole tree trunks, frequently oak.

6. Other vehicles and items

We have a startling number of wheels on the planet so far, and we haven’t even begun to count the statistics of other vehicles. We have a van, pick-up, food carts, a 6-wheeler truck, 10-wheeler trucks, and other vehicles.

The number of wheels around the world is therefore estimated at 37 billion based on the vehicles mentioned above.

Which Company Is the Largest Manufacturer of Wheels?

In contrast, the toy company Lego is the biggest producer of wheels on the planet.

As the company that manufactures the most wheels globally, this business has consistently won recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Michelin is the world’s second-largest wheel manufacturer but tops the list for standard wheels. The company has its headquarters in France and distributes 200 million tires globally each year. Bridgestone in Japan, Continental in Germany, and Goodyear in the US are the ones that come next.

Why Ask How Many Wheels Are in the World?

You might be looking up the total number of wheels we have or you might just have an idling question. However, this debate began on Twitter when users wondered whether there are more doors or cars in the world overall.

Ryan Nixon started a poll titled “Door vs. Wheels” after he and his friends became interested. Following that, the debate gained popularity as more people joined in and shared their own opinions on social media.


Any vehicle must have wheels in order to move from point A to point B. Without wheels, a vehicle cannot move at all. The wheels require strict maintenance because improper monitoring and handling during the ride can be expensive and dangerous.

The answer to the question “how many wheels are there in the world?” is reportedly 37 million. However, the figure is only an estimate and not a precise one. Regardless of whether we are adults or children, we can still come to the conclusion that the wheel industry is one of those that significantly impact our lives.

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