Heliolisk Smogon: Deadly Pokemon Attacker

The Heliolisk Smogon can transform into a Heliolisk forme, which is reminiscent of an angel or sphinx. This Pokémon can also use solar power to produce powerful light-based attacks against its foes. It was classified as the “Sun Pokémon” in ancient times because it would often fly close to the sun’s surface, and thus had a Heliolisk forme back then too!

Heliolisk Smogon Overview

Heliolisk is NU’s most potent wall breaker. It outspeeds some of the tier’s more common Pokemon in Decidueye, Delphox, and Sigilyph with its stellar Speed stat while packing a high Special Attack to tear through other walls like Celebi or Amoonguss! 

Smogon Heliolisk can also pivot away from unfavorable matchups thanks to Volt Switch which has strong coverage attacks such as Hyper Voice, Surf, and Focus Blast, which are hard for any opponent to stop due to their type effectiveness against so many types. It makes it impossible not only to damage this Pokémon but keep him locked down too.

Characteristics of Heliolisk Smogon:

Dry Skin Heliolisk , Smogon can switch into Water-type moves and regain HP. This makes it the tier’s premier bulky Water-type exploiter! However, due to poor physical bulk, heliolisk smogon doesn’t stand up well in the battle against certain Pokemon such as Slowking (especially when they’re packing Psyshock) or Sneasel, which can outspend him with their Speed stat.

Still, though he has a solid Speed rank for his type of attack power – just not enough protection on either side of that spectrum hurts this guy sometimes! His item gives him damage output; without Choice Specs, like most variants are locked into one move…

Heliolisk Moveset

With the introduction of Pokemon in Gen 7, Heliolisk smogon has taken on new matchups and used its variety of attacks. Volt Switch is a move that allows it to pivot out if things aren’t going well or threaten Flying- and Water-types like Xatu, Slowking, etc.,

1 Volt Switch Item Choice Specs

2 Hyper Voice Ability Dry Skin

3 Thunderbolt NatureTimid

4 Surf EVs4 Def252 SpA252 Spe

While Hyper Voice provides good coverage alongside this move by hitting Dragon-, Grass-, and opposing Electric-type pokemon such as Druddigon, Sceptile (etc.), you can also use Thunderbolt instead for an even more potent electric type attack against other types like Vaporeon, which doesn’t force it into switching battle positions with opponents constantly.

Is Heliolisk Smogon good?

Yes, Heliolisk smogon is good. In Other languages, Heliolisk may be known as Helioptile Smogon. This topic relates to heliolisk and heliolisks. It is about the characteristics of Smogon Heliolisk: dry skin; it deals with issues like, for instance, what moves Heliolisk could have.

There are many things that factor into whether or not a helioisk smogon is “good.” People often ask whether or not a helioisk has to be “good.” This can depend on what your definition of “good” is; for example, heliosks with dry skin smogon may be seen as “good” by some people.

Heliolisk Smogon stats

Heliolisk’s Speed stat is 95, the Defense stat is 100, and the Special Attack stat is 130. Check the given below table for more stats:

HP 62 234 328

Attack 55 103 229

Defense 52 98 223

Sp. Atk 109 200 348

Sp. Def 94 173 315

Speed 109 200 348

Total 481 Min Max

The table above shows a breakdown of how much damage has been dealt with by an opposing Pokémon at any given level. Maximum values are based on maximizing stats such as EVs and IVs. In contrast, minimum values represent what would happen if you had 0 in those same categories for that particular stat.

Heliolisk Smogon: Checks and Counters

There are a lot of Pokémon that will do well against Heliolisk Helioptile Smogon.

Specially Defensive Pokemon:

The terrifying Heliolisk is a powerful beast, but it has its flaws. For example, Assault Vest Hariyama and Dhelmise have been known to absorb the electric-type attacks from this Pokémon with ease. At the same time, Decidueye can use Leaf Blade or Razor Leaf to cut through them like butter!

Faster Pokemon:

Whimsicott and Sneasel are capable of dealing heavy amounts of damage to Heliolisk smogon with their respective STAB attacks. Sneasel is also able to threaten it on the Pursuit trapping front. At the same time, Delphox and Passimian can both use their weakness against faster Pokemon that have access to Choice Scarf items like them!


Premier Pokémon such as Piloswine, Medicham, and Sneasel threaten Heliolisk smogon because of its terrible bulk.

Residual Damage:

Smogon Heliolisk is a vulnerable Pokémon that can quickly wear down. It needs to be rescued from its vulnerability by using an Assault Vest or other protective items. However, it’s still too easy for the opponent to wear this minor electric type out with entry hazards and status moves.

What is helioptile smogon? Usage Tips:

It is said that the Heliolisk, a snake-like Pokémon with an impressive tail of flowing electricity at its backside, can easily be mistaken for a lightning bolt in the sky.

The electrical power it generates serves as both offense and defense while also traveling great distances without losing juice! When you need to break through those sturdy walls or deal heavy damage against your opponent’s team straight from their base, then this guy will come out on top!

Team Options:

Heliolisk is a Pokemon that thrives in the presence of entry hazards. Entry hazard setters such as Garbodor, Steelix, and Rhydon are good partners for Heliolisk because they have an easier time pressuring switch-ins when there are entry hazards on the field. In return, these three can pressure Xatu, which isn’t easy to break otherwise with its high particular defense stat.

Set Details:

Heliolisk is one of the strongest Pokémon in OU because it has a formidable combination of Speed and Special Attacks. It can outspeed Delphox, Sigilyph among other Pokemon, and take them down with its powerful moves like Scald from Slowking or Aqua Jet from Samurott.

One unique trait about this electric/water-type Pokémon that makes it so strong on offense is Dry Skin which gives Heliolisk an advantage when using Water-type attacks such as Soak from Pyukumuku and replenishes some HP while still having the option for Electric types moves, whether special or physical offensive ones!

Other Options:

Heliolisk is a Pokémon that can make good use of different Z-Moves, such as Fightinium Z and Normalium Z. However, without the boost in power from Choice Specs, it becomes much weaker. In particular, Druddigon cannot 2HKO Heliolisk with any sort of ease if they are not weakened beforehand.


The Heliolisk is a powerful Pokémon with the ability to learn to move quickly. It can be used as either attacker or defensive support, depending on the team it’s placed in and what strategy you’re running.

With its wide range of coverage options for physical and special attacks, few other choices have the same versatility when choosing which type of move to use – this makes it one of the best Pokémon currently available in Sun & Moon!



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