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The inner anatomy of a great startup company

great startup company
great startup company

You may be thinking to yourself, “wait a great startup company has an anatomy?”  While it may seem hard for you to digest, any business has a skeleton (just like any living creature does) which is defined by its business plan, and which is executed by its strategy.  All countries in the world, especially the USA, are full of great startup companies which have outstanding anatomies.  This article discusses the inner anatomy of a great startup company.


The best businesses in USA have great structures, which can be considered their anatomies.  It is these structures which allow them to adapt to the constantly changing business landscape and environment, and to be constantly successful in outselling the competition in terms of the goods and services that they produce.  There are five elements that make up the anatomy of a great startup company and of the best businesses in USA.  They are discussed below.


  • You, the entrepreneur, have high business potential and lots of energy.  In order to be successful in the best businesses in USA, you need to have a creative mind that can generate radical and innovative ideas quickly because business is constantly changing.  Think of the Internet industry ten years ago versus today – that will give you a good idea as to how fast things in business can change, and dramatically too!  You need to be open to good ideas, you need to be eager to learn new ideas, things, and concepts quickly, and you need to have the discipline to actually sit down and put in the long hours it will take to make your startup business successful enough to be one of the best businesses of USA!

  • You need to have a strong and talented business team.  It this is not obvious to you, you need to know this before you launch your startup company, or else it will fail.  Any business is only as good as its smartest and most talented people are.  Weak people who lack talent, ambition, and discipline will make your company fail in the long run because they will pull everyone down with their incompetence and negative attitudes.  Your startup will succeed and become one of the best businesses in USA if everyone has a positive, can do attitude, they are smart, can easily adapt to change, and they are expeirenced in the tasks you give them.  By the way, excellent management and outstanding leaders are also an integral part of your business team because they will keep your employees on task and track, and they will motivate them to do tasks that they never wanted to do, or even thought that they could do!

  • You need to have effective systems to support success and greatness.  What this means is that you need to have the physical and IT based infrastructure needed to support your company in the long-run, and ensure that it is successful both in the short and long-run.  You will need to develop good relationships with quality suppliers and distributors who will ensure that your products and services reach the marketplace when they are supposed to.  You will also need great inventory management and accounting systems to keep track of raw materials, finished goods, and the expenses and revenue streams which your company generates.

  • Your products and services need to generate value for your customers.  This means that the products and services which your startup business produces and sells have to be things that your customers actually want and need in their lives.,  furthermore, these products and services need to resolve a pressing issue or problem that they are facing which is negatively impacting their lives, or the products and services must totally transfom them and their lives for the better forever.  Your company will become one of the best businesses in USA only if it is capable of doing this and more for your customers.  Remember that when you create your products and services, you are creating a legacy for your customers and for future generations to remember.  Think of Bayer, Kleenex, and Aspirin.  These products have become international icons which are forever embeded in popular culture because of their effectiveness, the great benefits and value that they bring to their customers, and the brillance of the campaigns used to market them.  Of course, in order to do all of this, you will have to research your market and customers beforehand to figure out what they need, and what you can make that they will actually buy because it improves their lives forever, or solves their problems and takes a lot of pain out of their lives as a result.  You will then have to formulate the great business plan and strategy which is capable of supporting all of this!

  • You need to sell to people who will actually buy your products and services.  While this may sound obvious, like something that is a part of common sense and common knowledge, you would be surprised as to the number of entrepreneurs who think that they need to come up with the products and services, and marketing campaigns that will sell to ‘everyone’ because they think that ‘everyone’ is their target market.  This actually shows a lack of basic business acumen on their part, and not surprisingly, their appeals for funding are turned down by investors and bankers.  To make sure that you are not one fo these unfortunate people, you will need to do enough primary and secondary market research before hand to figure out what will actually sell in your target markets, where your target markets are, and who makes up your target markets in terms of demographics,  if you do this, your startup is bound to quickly become one fo the best businesses in USA and you will be raking the revenue in, literally speaking.

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Now that you know what the elements that make up the anatomy of a great startup company, and the best businesses  in USA, why don’t you think about becoming an entrepreneur yourself in the near future?  It’s not rocket science, and you can do it!


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