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How to delete Google Chrome Profile

Google Chrome Profile
Google Chrome Profile

For most internet users, there are few requirements as important as a fast internet connection and an efficient web browser. The first one is usually met by a network like Spectrum internet prices. The latter, for many people, is met by Google Chrome. 

Because of its many useful features, such as easy usability and cross-platform support, Google Chrome is a popular choice for internet users. In fact, it has remained the most used web browser in America since 2013

Why People Use Multiple Google Chrome Profiles 

While its popularity is due to many reasons, one is that Google Chrome allows users to make multiple profiles at a time. This is convenient because of a number of factors. For example, sometimes multiple people use a single device to access the internet. If different family members want to share the same device, they can easily sign in to their respective Chrome profiles while browsing the web. Moreover, even one person can use multiple profiles on the same Chrome browser. Usually, people do this to separate their work and personal profiles. Since different profiles have separate browser histories, sessions, cookies, and bookmarks, this is useful. 

But what if you no longer need a Google Chrome profile on your browser? You can easily delete it using the following method. 

How to Delete Your Google Chrome Profile 

The process to delete your account from your Google Chrome browser is quite straightforward. 

#1 Click the Chrome Profile Icon 

At the top right of your Google Chrome browser, you can see which profile is currently in use. To find this, look for the circular display image for the Google Chrome profile in use. In case there is no picture, then you will see the initials of the profile owner within the circle. To select the profile, move your cursor to the circle and click it.  

#2 Go to Other Profiles

After clicking the circular profile icon, you will see the details of the account. These include the profile picture, the user’s name, and Google email address. To see more profiles saved on the profile, scroll to the end of the dialogue box. At the bottom, you will see a section titled “Other profile.” Right next to this section, you will see a settings icon. To delete any Google Chrome profile from your browser, you need to need this settings icon. 

#3 Select the Profile You Want to Delete 

Once you have clicked the settings icon, a new page will open up on your Google Chrome browser. Here, you will see all the profiles that are currently in use on your browser. For each, you would see a display picture, name, and the email address associated with it.  

Of all the displayed profiles, find the one you want to delete. Then, click on the options icon next to the profile. This is the icon with three dots on the top right side of the profile. 

#4 Delete the Profile from Your Google Chrome Browser 

After you click the three-dotted icon, you will see a drop-down menu on your screen. This menu would display two options. These are the “Edit” option and the “Delete” option. To remove the profile from your Google Chrome browser, click on the “Delete” option. When the browser asks you to confirm this choice, select “Yes.” 

Delete Someone Else’s Profile from Your Chrome Browser 

If you are deleting someone else’s profile from your browser while you are logged in, the process will be a little different. For this, you need to simply click on the circular profile picture on the top right of your Chrome Browser. Then, you will see other profiles listed at the bottom of the drop-down menu. To remove a profile from your browser, you must click the settings icon next to the profile name. When you click on it, you will see an option to “Remove this person.” Click on this option. After the browser asks you to confirm your action, select “Yes.” 

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