Floral makeup looks to try out this Spring

Say goodbye to that pale winter skin because the colourfulness, dewiness and freshness of floral spring makeup are back. Spring is a time of new beginnings, so it’s time to mix things up,  from your normal makeup routine.

Which makeup trends should you be experimenting with this spring?

1.    Clean girl aesthetic

The evolution of this beauty trend has popularised healthy-looking, glowy, floral and hydrated skin, which starts from an effective skincare routine. This spring explore a more natural-looking make-up look consisting of glossy lips, clear brow gel and delicate undertones. Big false lashes are out with wispy brown mascara in.

Whilst this look may sound easy to achieve it involves contour stick creams and liquid products, such as liquid blusher, that are built up gently in layers. Perfecting this floral look takes practice.

2.    Statement lips

With nude lips becoming popular over the winter period, statement lips are returning for the spring. Rihanna wearing a fiery red lip for her recent performance at the Super Bowl cemented this floral trend for spring.

Regardless if you’re trying to achieve a healthy-glowing look or heavy pigment, a statement lip is a stunning way to top your look off.

A fresh way to wear your red lip this spring is to pair it with barely any other makeup! Don’t forget to layer your lips with lip liner, and lipstick then top off with lip gloss if you want to achieve a glossy look. For extra dimension, add a clear gloss to the centre of your lips.

3.    Contour with blush

Contouring with blush can add dimension to your makeup look, whilst adding that beautiful floral pop of colour for the spring season.

Blush draping involves applying your blusher along the top of the cheekbones instead of the apples of the cheeks. This helps your face to appear more lifted. This can be done subtly, or boldly.

For the best effect, start with a lighter shade of blush at the top of your cheeks and sweep it upward towards your temples. Next, use a darker shade, and blend downwards.  Finish off by applying a pop of stunning highlight on the tops of your cheekbones to add extra glow.

4.    1995 is back

Smudged, lived-in eye makeup, creating a ‘grunge’ vibe, is emerging once again from being a strong trend in the ’90s.  Think back to Kate Moss and her grunge make-up looks.

To achieve this grunge vibe, smudge your eyeliner with a brush for a more lived-in look. This imperfection is the secret to bringing 1995 to your makeup look this spring.

However, this edginess is simply balanced out by your simplistic floral base of makeup.

5.    Colour is back

Colour brings playfulness, artistry and experimentation to our make-up looks. For spring 2023, boldness is officially back.

From water-based pigments to felt tip liners, there is a vast range of new floral products on the market to help you achieve that bold floral make-up look for spring if you’re feeling experimental! Why not give colour eyeliner a go?

6.    Hyper-glowy

Similar to the clean girl aesthetic vibe, the hyper-glowy trend offers a no make-up, make-up look with that extra dewiness and glow creating an angelic face. This look takes a step away from harsh bronzers and a step towards more floral shimmers and watery effects.

Swapping full-coverage foundations for lighter serums is an essential swap from winter to spring. Shine brightly and florally this spring with the hyper glow look.

7.    The Wet Look

The wet hair look kicked off in 2022, and it brings wet look make-up for spring 2023. Leave the mattes behind because serum foundations and liquid highlighters are on trend for the spring.

These runny formulas help to banish dull-looking skin, creating a luminous, floral, mermaid-inspired look. The best way to achieve this look is to use a good moisturiser before applying any illuminating products.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your personal taste is when it comes to makeup, there are plenty of beautiful floral trends to explore this spring. The are no rules this spring because now is the time to express ourselves!

Whether you want to go for the minimalist clean girl aesthetic or be bold and try the 1995 grunge eye look, make a statement stepping out of your home this spring

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