Entertaining Video Games You Can Play On Your Free Days

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Whether you’re on the subway home from work or stuck in the back of a car on a long drive, there are moments when you need to enjoy yourself without a cellular data connection. Perfect Mode is a fun mobile game, but some only work with an online connection.

You can take the initiative to find the best online casinos to join, making your journey easy. Undoubtedly, the excitement continues even when you don’t know much about playing online. 

We looked at hundreds of great games with user reviews to find the best ones that work in airplane mode and are fun to play during your downtime. The only requirement was that the game is a free download from Google Play, so anyone can use the list below to choose their ideal pastime.

Candy Crush

Players in the game match three or more candies of the same color to complete a stage, then remove them from the board and replace them with new sweets that may or may not result in more matches. Combinations of 4 or more candies produce special candies that act as power-ups and have better board-clearing abilities. 

Many objectives on the board must be completed within a specified number of moves or a set amount of time, such as B. Reach a specific score or collect a certain amount of candies of a particular type.

The game can be completed entirely without spending money, but players can purchase particular actions to help clear the more difficult boards that King earns. The company reportedly made him about $1 million daily at its peak. Candy Crush Saga is known to be one of the freemium model’s first and most successful applications.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a collection of racing video games developed and published by Nintendo. The player drives his race go-kart using various power-ups. Includes characters and levels from the Mario series and other video game series such as The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, F-Zero, and Splatoon.

The Mario Kart series includes six games for home consoles, three for portable devices, four for arcades jointly developed with Namco, and one for smartphones, for 14 games. Home Circuit, the latest installment in the main series, is now available on Nintendo Switch, and the series has sold over 164.43 million copies worldwide.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a Mobile Free-to-Play Shooter Game available for players that want to play on their mobile, PC, or console. It is an incredible game with many exciting features. 

In one year, he had 270 million downloads. Moreover, on October 1, 2019, he earned over $480 million. In addition, they were making him one of the biggest mobile game debuts of all time. Other Call of Duty Publishers: Garena, Tencent Games, VNG Games, and TMi Studio Group own mobile.

Pokemon Go

It makes more sense to list the best free mobile games if we consider location-based titles such as Pokemon Go. It rocked the World when it debuted in 2016 and has only improved since then. 

With a raid and battle system, weekly and monthly events, and weekly events, you’ll always have plenty to do. And thanks to the development team’s swift efforts, we survived the nationwide lockdown. Some Pokémon Go Buddy Codes can help you find friends to enjoy the game. Significantly, if he does it alone because it’s not easy to collect them all.


Roblox is a top-notch online gaming platform and development tool founded by Roblox Corporation to help propel the online gaming world. It allows users to create games and play other games. 

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel developed this technology in 2004. It was officially released to the public in 2006. The platform offers user-generated games of various genres programmed in Lua. 

Roblox has been a relatively humble company and platform for most of its existence. The late 2010s began Roblox’s rapid expansion, further fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Roblox is free to play and allows in-game purchases using a virtual currency called Robux. 

Stardew Valley

While Minecraft and Terraria are similar in that players gather resources while avoiding creatures, Stardew Valley’s theme focuses more on simplicity and everyday life. You manage more essential farms. If you converse with community residents, it will help to build relationships.

Help revitalize cities by restoring some of their businesses. It’s about living simply and finding joy every day. That’s not bad at all.

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