Eminem’s Net Worth in 2020 and his story from a middle-class Boy to rap God

Megha Choudhary

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Eminem; is a name, a legend, a story, an inspiration for millions of people and a rap God for the music industry. Today there would be hardly a single person who will not recognize him but he was not always like this. Surely Eminem’s net worth in 2020 is more than most of the richest rappers but his start was not full of fame or fan following. He had a very humble beginning. He was nothing but a white boy who used to rap. Today in this article I will share with you the story of a man who has shaken the world with his music.

Eminem’s early life:

Eminem was born on October 17, 1972. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. He has the blood of English, Scottish, German and German-Swiss. His parents were in a band together named ‘Daddy Warbucks’. 

When Eminem was very small, his father left the family and at that time there were two more children other than Eminem. After his father left his family, Eminem and his mother shuttled between Detroit and Missouri. Their situation was so bad that they were not able to live more than a year in one place. 

Eminem used to write letters to his father but sadly his father used to return them without an answer. The place they used to live had only three white-family homes including Eminem’s home. The local children were used to beat him on several days. 

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From childhood only, Eminem was interested in telling stories. He wanted to become a comic book artist before discovering hip-hop. His uncle Ronnie Polkingharn was the one who mentored and supported him for his passion. He was so very close to him and in 1991, when he died; Eminem was in so much pain that he did not talk to anybody for days. 

Eminem’s mother did no good for him either. Yes, she was taking care of him but she wanted to make him like herself, an addict of Valium. She was an addict of Valium and she used to sprinkle Valium over the food and mix it into water. Eminem has explained several times about this incident. 

Eminem’s Careers:

Eminem started rapping at the age of 14 with his high school friend Mike Ruby. After failing three times in IX standard, he left his studies. He then started attending open mic contests at hip-hop named ‘Ground Zero’. Way back then rapping was dominated by black people and due to this Eminem was struggling to make his name but he started to become famous in underground rapping. 

In 1988, he walked on stage for the first time with the stage name MC Double M. In 1992, he was featured in a music video for the first time named ‘Do-Da-Dippity’. In 1996, Eminem launched his first album ‘Infinite’ and then he went on and on. 

In 1999, he made The Slim Shady LP which became a total blockbuster around the world. Later he made The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000 and The Eminem Show in 2002. Both were no doubt super hit. After releasing Encore in 2004; he went through his struggle with drugs and his addiction. His addiction was affecting his body so much that his body was not even recognizable. He was gaining weight from everywhere. 

He went for a medical checkup and later relapsed in 2009. Then in 2010, he released his back-to-back new album Recovery. Later in 2013, he made ‘the Marshall Mathers LP 2 and Revival in 2017, Kamikaze in 2018 and currently he is working on Music to be Murdered. 

Awards & honours in the name of Eminem:

Eminem has a record of 220 million sales records in the world. He has ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200. In 2010, he was the best-selling music album artist in the United States of America. 

Eminem has won 15 Grammy awards, 8 American Music Awards, and 17 Billboard Music awards. Billboard also named him artist of the decade (2000-2010).  In 2013 he got the Global Icon Award. His success in 8 Mile made his way to the 2002 Academy Award for Best Original Song. 

Eminem has been published as the 100 greatest artists in Rolling Stone magazine. In 2015 Billboard ranked him in the 10 best rappers of all-time list. He was said King of hip-hop by Rolling Stone. 

All these awards and honours show who he really is. All these awards and honours are based on the YouTube views, industry awards, social media following, concert gross, album sales, chart positions and critical ratings of solo rappers who released music from 2009 to the first half of 2011. 

Awards and medals

How much is Eminem worth?


Eminem is an inspiration for millions of people. He had a very humble start but today Eminem’s net worth in 2020 is much more than many celebrities around the world. 

Eminem’s net worth in 2020 was about $ 230 million. While in the year 2016, according to Forbes Eminem’s net worth 2016 Forbes was $ 50 million. That’s a 4 times jump in Eminem’s net worth in 2020. Eminem’s net worth in 2021 is $ 230 million as estimated. 


Eminem’s net worth in the year 2021 is estimated same as his net worth in the year 2020. It is about $ 230 million. Fighting against the hardness of life, Eminem has created his place in this world so high that he has become a legend for all of us. 

Well for me, a celebrity’s net worth means very low in comparison to one’s talent. Eminem is currently the rap God of the industry. Eminem’s net worth in 2020 might be $ 230 million but his real treasure lies in what he creates. 


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