Dennis smith jr’s vertical leap record!

Rohit Bauri

Dennis smith jr

Dennis smith jr vertical leap is the best in NBA history. The 23-year-old Detroit piston’s valuable player has an average of 12.4 points in the 159 NBA games. Dennis Smith, famous for guard position in New York Knocks trade to Pistons in exchange for Derrick Rose. The player is best known for his vertical jumps and clean dunks. The record-breaking Dennis smith vertical dunk of 48-inch is the biggest in the history of the NBA. Additionally, his role as a guard has won laurels for him in the past. Succeeding paragraphs will introduce you to each and every aspect of this hard-working sportsman.

The timeline of Dennis smith jr vertical Leaps

The athletic point guard tied the record for the highest vertical leap in the history of the NBA during a pre-draft workout with the LA Lakers in Jun 2017. The other players holding the record are Wilt Chamberlain and Darrell Griffith. While the record-breaking 48-inch vertical leap is a significant milestone for an athlete in the basketball arena, people often wonder how tall is Dennis smith jr? Dennis smith stands only 6-foot-2 tall. He often takes part in NBA pro dunk contests. But still devoid of winning one major contest. Still, he is one of the toughest guys to beat.

Before going further let us first understand what is Vertical leap?

Vertical leap measures as a total vertical jump in the air by an individual. It is an important measure of sportsman fitness, explosiveness, and athleticism. While there are many other important aspects of a good athlete, it is an effective way of garnering attention in a basketball game.

It measures in two different ways: The first one is standing vertical leap and the other is running vertically. Both have different criteria and set of rules for measurements. The standing vertical jump helps to take passes and rebounds, whereas running vertical plays a significant role in explosive dunks.

Both of the jumps can be measured using a simple method. Make a marking of your total height on a wall. Jump as high as you can. Mark the total vertical jump on the wall. The difference between jump height and personal height is the resultant total vertical leap.

Dennis smith’s NBA history

  • Dallas Maverick: After a successful junior-level career, his selection was by the Dallas Mavericks in 2017. He was not in action during 2017 NBA matches but played for the franchise in other major events. The same year he awards all-summer league first-team honors for his achievements in the game. In successive championships, the graph of his achievements began to rise. In this year, Dennis smith jr vertical leap of 48-inch made several headlines. 
  • New York Knicks: In Jan 2019, Dennis Smith trades to New York Knicks. He played a key role in the team winning major games in the 2019 Season. The famous win against the Chicago Bulls saw him scoring 25 points.
  • Detroit Pistons: Since February 08, 2021, Dennis Smith has been a part of Detroit Pistons. 

The famous Dennis smith jr J cole friendship.

In addition to Dennis smith jr vertical leap, the athlete has been in news for his friendship with popular American rapper and songwriter J. Cole. Dennis Smith jr J cole friendship

has been making a fuss for years. Both are from Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

One of the most famous incidents was a shootout stand-off between them in the gym going until 3:27 am. J. Cole was eyeing to defeat the athlete. Furthermore, the rapper also took part in Smith’s 2019 NBA All-Star dunk contest. Dennis smith jr dunks stole the show that night. 

In the event, Dennis Smith Jr vertical leap over J. Cole for one of his dunks fell short of Oklahoma City’s Hamidou Diallo jumped over Shaquille O’Neal. The partnership of J. Cole and Smith is not limits to games and dunks. Both share a strong bond despite an age gap of 13 years.

Insights on Dennis Smith Jr.

The top-performing point guard knows for his sportsmanship and athleticism. Right from the early days of school, he is famous for his trademark run-and-jump action. The record-breaking Dennis smith jr vertical leap is the result of the same enthusiasm. Smith has been playing a major role in scoring and assisting in major NBA games.

But for the past few months, he is consistently unable to score major points in the game. Additionally, his defensive intensity is one of his weakest points. Still, he is just 23 years old, and there is a long way to go for the star. 

Smith has missed the last nine games due to injury. 


Dennis smith jr vertical leap has garnered so many controversies too. The 48-inch vertical leap is a great number to digest by many critics. This is equivalent to flying 4 feet in the air. Moreover, the same achieves during pre-match warm-up sessions and often termed as unofficial measurement. 

Considering the leaping ability of the 6-feet-2 athlete, the official milestone is not too far away. The Detroit piston’s valuable player still has a long way to go and register many records in his name.

The official statements of the young NBA star always point out on improving his leaping capabilities. Dennis Smith Jr. entered into the NBA as a highly regarded player. He has to be consistent and disciplined to maintain a high level of expectation from him. While Dennis smith jr vertical leap is something to cheer upon, overall performance as a point guard is what people are looking for.

This was a little about the controversies he associates with. In this way, the most popular figure associates with number of controversies in different ways. 

Summing Up

The Detroit Pistons’ high leaping point guard is an asset for the team. This is the best time to prove his mettle in the NBA arena. Smith’s hardcore fans want him to revive his old strengths that seem to be fading. After all, who wants to see such a high-flying explosive athlete sitting outside.