10 Best Trendy Coco Sneakers for You in 2023

Rajiv Gupta

Fashion experts know how much a good pair of shoes matter for your looks. Shoes can make or break your impression with just a glimpse. Whether you are classy or casual, shoes have a vital role to play. You must understand the basic rules for choosing a shoe for your outfit. And moreover that you need to understand which brands and where can you buy the best one shoes for styling and completing your perfect look. Well, today I am going to introduce you to one special place and its shoes that will surely catch your eye. So let’s start with Coco Sneakers.

A place of your complete fashion shoes- Coco Sneakers:

Coco sneakers or Coco shoes is Tasmania’s leading shoe shop. It is the one & only leader in importing business of the best European and Australian shoes and fashion. Starting in 2010, Coco sneakers/coco shoes are regularly performing great in the matter of fashionable shoes. What impressed me personally is that the owner of the Coco shoes/ Cocosneakers, Kate Hayes Newington, she herself handpicks all the accessories, shoes and clothing. Coco shoes / Coco sneakers also carry a stylish and select range of jewelry, purses, bags, and clutches. 

Currently, Coco sneakers are working with leading brands such as Paul Green, Hogl, Zinda, Hispanitas, Spring Court, Eos, Fly London, Laura Bellariva, Beau Coops, Mia Frantino, Raw by Raw, Alessandra, Ilse Jacobsen, L’Ecologia, Unisa, Romia, Alexandra, Joseph Sieble and Sempri Di. 

Coco shoes work with the motto of quality over quantity. They chose minimum products but all of them are a trademark for the market fashion 

Best women’s shoes at Coco shoe store (Coco Sneakers):


The Tan colored JOVI by EOS. These Coco sneakers are made by master craftsmen. It is made of the finest Italian Aniline leather and it is fully waterproof. Its funky oversized laces make it more attractive. You can buy it at AU $ 185.00 from the official coco shoe website. 


This coco shoe belongs to the same series of JOVI sneakers but its style is somewhere more declined to Goth fashion sense. This small modification changes the whole effect of this shoe. These Coco sneakers are also made up of leather. It is comfortable and its outside sole is of rubber. This is available at AU $ 185.00 on the Coco shoe website. 

3. An Hour and A shower Knot Sneaker- White & Gold:

These are one of the most luxurious coco sneakers in the collection. These shoes are comfortable, glamorous, and super classy. The gold buckle on the shoes is the main attraction of these coco lady sneakers. This coco sneaker is available at only AU $ 460.00 on the official website of Coco Shoes. 

4. Elastic Lace Sneaker-White:

A casual and cool style with modern ideas. These shoes are fully white with black elastic laces. These elastic laces make your walk really comfortable and help you to stay flexible and enjoy ease when slipping on and off. These coco ua sneakers are available at AU $ 420.00 only at the official website of Coco shoes.

5. Paul Green Metallic Sneaker-Mineral:

This metallic-colored sneaker has a different tone than others. The base of the shoe with a color shade of metal makes it unique. The shoe is made of synthetic leather and rubber. Its price is only AU $ 420.00 on the official website of Coco shoes website

coco sneakers
coco sneakers

6. Paul Green Elasticated Sneaker Olive:

This PG pure Coco sneaker is made by mixing natural materials. This shoe is created by recycling the waste material of the world. Hence this is one of its kind shoe. The recycled material is almost 51 % of the whole shoe material. This shoe is elastic and extremely light weighted. Buy it at coco shoe website for only $ 420. 

7. Paul Green Tan Loafers:

Now let’s talk about loafers. This brown loafer is enough to add primary elegance to your look. It has the most divine velvety leather with a soft heel. This whole loafer is designed to make you feel comfortable and easy to walk around. The versatile look of the shoe can accompany you to each & every kind of event. An all in one coco shoe. 

8. EOS RAFI Black Flat:

A ballerina shoe with easy access. The shoe has a very simple yet sexy and attractive design. The lovely lines will lend elegance to your movement. It has a 20 mm heel height; is made up of full Italian aniline leather and has an elegantly elasticated topline. Its outsole is made up of leather and resin. Its price is AU $ 169.00.

9. Arche French Nubuck Navy Flat:

A stylish and elegant ballet flat, comfortable and stylish. When put on, it will feel like a slipper. This coco shoe is made of French leather with a cushioned rubber sole for extra comfort. The simple black color gives it a class of royalty. This shoe is available at only AU $ 379.00

10. Woven Leather Loafer-Black:

This loafer is one of the best I have ever seen. It is filled with a padded footbed together with the help of soft leather. The design itself makes it divine. It is fully handicraft material. Its versatility has made it the most awaited shoe at coco shoes. Its price is only AU $ 270.00

11. Hogl Navy Heel:

The heel is fully handcrafted and made with soul. No compromises have been made during its manufacturing. It is navy in color. It has Suede material on its uppermost part, has heels of 55 mm block and it has a lining of leather. Buy it for the best party look ever. The shoe is available only at AU $ 380.00

Summing up

These were some of the best shoes according to my choices but before buying anything I must suggest you go and browse the official coco shoes website that is www.cocoshoes.com.au.

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