How to Clean Longboard Wheels Easily?

Mukul Patwa

If you’re new to longboarding, you might need to learn how to clean longboard wheels. Luckily, there are a lot of resources online that can help you learn how to take good care of your board. You’ll find that cleaning your board helps keep it in great shape.

To avoid getting your hand dirty, take a towel, and rub it from top to down. If you do not have any prior knowledge, then fear not. This article provides the details you require to extend your board’s cleanliness and overall lifespan. In this article, you will learn about cleaning longboard wheels, putting bearings in longboard wheels, and the best way to clean skateboard wheels.

How to Clean Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels can get dirty very quickly. They’re made of plastic, so they’ll stick together if they get wet. It would help if you took care of them regularly to ensure they stay in good condition. Cleaning longboard wheels is easy. Just follow these steps:

1) Remove the wheel from the board

2) Wash the wheel

3) Dry the wheel

4) Apply a light coat of wax

5) Put the wheel back on the board

6) Enjoy!

You can easily remove dirt and grime from wheels using an inexpensive skate tool, a washcloth, dishwashing soap, a bucket, a sponge, and a toothbrush:

  1. Please take off your wheels and place them inside a bucket.
  2. Fill the bucket with warm water and add one cup of dishwashing soap.
  3. Soak a washcloth in soapy water and wipe the entire wheel surface.
  4. Rinse the longboard tires thoroughly with clean water until they’re scorched.

Pour dishwashing fluid into a full-sized container, then add warm water to the bucket. Have the wheels in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Inspect the tires for looseness and laces, and then wash and clean them with soap and a sponge. You can use a brush to clean small areas. 

A cotton cloth or tissue paper can thoroughly dry your wheels after washing. After how to clean the longboard wheels, install all the bearings back in place. Press down the tire until the path is appropriately secured. Finally, put your new shiny wheels on the board. Cleaning longboard tires is vital to maintaining their appearance and functionality. This is the best way to clean skateboard wheels. You must try.

How to put bearings in longboard wheels?

Bearings are little spheres that sit inside each wheel. They’re essential because they allow the wheel to rotate smoothly without slipping. Longboards often come with sealed bearings, which means that they require no maintenance. However, if you live in dusty areas or ride in sand, you’ll want to clean your bearings regularly.

If you ride through puddles, they’ll also get dirty quicker. Cleaning them regularly helps to prolong their life. Before removing the bearing, disconnect the wheel from the axle and put it onto it. Once this has been done, push the screwdriver in the direction and pull it out. Sometimes, there will be a covering over the bearing.

Remove this with the screwdriver, and then wash off any dirt with acetone. Put the taking bearings out of the skateboard wheels back together and reattach them to the wheel. After this, reapply the grease to the directions so they stay greased longer. Keep your longboard’s bearings lubricated to make sure they last longer. Use a special lubricant specifically made for longboard bearings.

The best way of cleaning longboard wheels deck

The deck is the main component of the longboard and, therefore, the essential part of keeping it clean and safe. Ensure you protect your deck from dirt, water, and grime by storing it inside and out of the way when not in use. Keep your skateboard longboard wheels clean so that it remains strong and durable.

Always ensure your cleaning longboard wheels are completely dry when you ride and sail. Make sure your board is protected from dirt, humidity, and heat. Keep your board inside and out of the way, so it doesn’t get dusty, humid, or hot.

To clean your board, use these steps:

  • Carefully remove the truck from the back of your longboard.
  • Add water and a small amount of soap to make a soap mixture. To remove dirt and debris, use a stiff brush and clean the tape clockwise with the wash mixture. You can use a sturdy toothbrush instead of a nylon brush.
  • Soak a non-soap sponge in a cup of clean water. Use this sponge to clean up any leftovers on your tape. To prevent warping and breaking, wipe your board when it gets wet.
  • Now use a clean sponge to wipe the underside of the board.
  • Remove all debris, but do not dampen metal components.
  • Dry the entire board with a cotton towel so that no moisture remains on the board. Once dry, store your deck in a dry place for three hours.
  • Use a wrench to return your trucks to their respective holes when the longboard is dry.


Longboards are great for getting around quickly, especially if you live in an area with limited public transportation. They can also be handy to store in a car, although they require a fair amount of space. However, longboarding is also prone to collecting dirt, so keeping them clean is essential. Luckily, cleaning longboards is simple, as shown in our guide on cleaning longboard wheels.

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