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15 undeniable reasons why businesses in America is rock

When you think of businesses in America, you probably think about the major multi-nationals like New York Life, CitiBank, or Bank of America.  Indeed, America’s historic business-friendly culture combined with free market principles which encourage entrepreneurship, an open democratic system, and legislation which encouraged people to start their own businesses, and which encouraged other businesses to expand has made America the best place for businesses – both established and startups.  This article will explain 15 undeniable reasons to love best business in USA from the standpoint of startup companies of USA.


Startup companies and small businesses form the backbone of corporate business in America.  Startup companies of the USA and small businesses combined comprise 90% of the businesses in America.  Owners of startup companies of America are called entrepreneurs and it was entrepreneurship, combined with risk-taking and the desire to make money which built the small (and large) enterprises which make up Silicon Valley.  Daring entrepreneurship also fueled the boom of the early 2000’s and is still driving e-commerce.  Other reasons to love the best businesses in USA are explained below:


  • American businesses, especially startups, encourage innovation.  Let’s face it, innovation is that gumption or grit to try to do something in terms of an idea, product, or service which is either new or done from an entirely different angle.  Innovation drives technology and technology drives the economy and economic growth because technology is all about inventing devices (like smart watches) which make us more productive and more comfortable in our lives.  More productivity means higher wages and living standards, so you could say that startups encourage the innovation which fuels economic growth, higher wages and living standards, and better living conditions in America.

  • The best startup companies of USA employ the best talent.  A business in any part of the world is only as good as the people who work for it.  This is no exception for American businesses.  Any company in America which employs the smartest, the most talented, the most knowledgeable, the best educated, and the most experienced people will succeed because these people will come up with the inventions, innovative products and services, ideas, and business processes that will solve the most pressing problems and issues that customers have, drastically reduce operating and other business expenses (reducing expenses automatically increases any company’s net profit – this is especially true in America), and give the company the sustainable competitive advantage it needs to survive in an increasingly competitive business environment in America

  • The best companies in America tend to be family owned.  A good example of a family owned American business is E&J Gallo Winery.  There is something to be said of ‘keeping it in the family,’ especially as far as doing business is concerned.  Family owned businesses and startup companies of USA tend to be more nurturing of their employees – they tend to encourage their employees to be extremely productive, to come up with the most innovative ideas, products, and services which will take the company forward, and they tend to encourage their employees to find solutions that will drive down business costs.  All of these things, and more contribute to the success of American businesses.  Also, family-owned businesses in America tend to promote a positive business culture which encourages employees to be their most productive by making them love where they work at, after all, happy employees tend to work the hardest at their jobs!  The management leadership also tends to be better at family-owned companies in America, and people need the leadership which will motivate them to do their best at their jobs for the company which they work for to succeed!

  • The co-workers are smart and rock.  There is no way that one person can run a business anywhere in the world, much less in America, because there are too many tasks to do, and too many ‘hats to wear.’  One person simply can’t do all of this.  Many people have to work together in a company as employees.  This creates a business culture, and it creates ‘business politics.’  Since co-workers usually work in teams, those companies whose teams are comprised of the smartest people find that their employees work better because the team and business dynamic is better. Smart employees also tend to make better teachers and this encourages faster paces of work, better exposure to senior leadership, and more responsibilities and work done.

  • The startups encourage the right balance between work and personal lives. At the end of the day, no matter how much you love your job, and the startup company which you work for, it’s just a way for you to earn enough money to help you pay your bills and enjoy some of the finer things in life.  You have a personal life outside of work which is just as important, if not more so.  The best startup companies of USA encourage their employees to strike a healthy balance between work and personal life because this tends to make them (the employees) much more productive.  Additionally, the best startup companies of USA encourage a great work life and culture – one which makes their employees actually want to come into work every day!  The employees also collaborate with each other and help each other on projects.  In essence, the best startups of USA have a nurturing work culture and environment, and co-workers who love working together and supporting each other on various work-related projects

  • The startups offer many fringe benefits like free food, tickets to hockey games, etc…Management and executive leadership at the best startup companies of USA realize that their startups are only as good and productive as their employees are.  They know that they have to hire the best, brightest, most experienced, and talented in terms of employees and junior level management.  They also understand that the job market for these key employees is very competitive and that they must be kept happy in order to stay at these startups.  Management and executive leadership tend to offer their best and most productive employees such fringe benefits like free food, free coupons to dine in the best restaurants in town and the world, free tickets to hockey games, etc…These perks make employees very happy and satisfied with their jobs to the extent that they love the companies they work at and would never think of leaving.

  • The startups offer their key employees the opportunity to purchase unique and sought after company products through generous employee discounts.  You may have heard of the ‘company store’ which was the hallmark symbol of mining companies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries  However the startups of the 21st century are not out to bankrupt their employees and turn them into ‘servants who are indentured to work at their company for life’ because of all of the money they owe the company in terms of debt.  Instead, the best startups of USA seek to retain their key employees – those who make the companies a great success in their respective industries – by offering them generous discounts that only the most productive employees can get on various products and services that people like.  Examples can be heavily discounted or free gym memberships, deep discounts on products at popular stores, etc…

  • The best startup companies of USA offer a great balance in terms of work and personal lives.  The best, most talented, and experienced employees love to work, but they love to enjoy their time away from work.  The most successful and best startup companies of USA recognize this and offer generous perks in terms of time off which include many paid allowances for sick days, many days of paid personal time off, and many days of paid vacation.  These kinds of perks motivate the best startups and the best companies in America to attract and retain top talent.

  • You can’t beat the best startup companies of USA in terms of pay.  The best startup companies of USA, and the best companies in America attract and keep the best employees by paying them well.  Economic principles say that workers are motivated to stay at their workplaces (in a free market economy, which America currently has) only if they are paid well.  This is why startups, especially, make a concerted effort to bust their budgets offering handsome salaries to their best and most talented workers!

  • The best startup companies of USA work around their employee’s personal schedules.  People are busy now, they have places to go, things to do, and people to meet when not at work.  Additionally, employees with kids often times have hectic personal schedules because of their kids’ activities.  This is especially true for working mothers.  These people are great employees, but their busy and hectic lives mean that they can’t always work the traditional 9-5 workday 5 days a week.  The best companies in America recognize this and offer flex time, the ability to work a few days a week for many hours – employees can work 14-hour shifts three days in a row and enjoy the other four days of the week for personal time!  Other great personal perks include generous maternity leave (the best startup companies of USA offer up to 5 months of paid maternity leave for new mothers), paternity leave for new fathers, and lunch credit, among other things.
  • The best companies and startup companies of USA offer their employees great opportunities to learn, develop, and grow through their work.  Gone are the days when people could eke out a great living eking out a miserable work life at a factory, or an office at a secretarial or clerical desk job.  That was the genius of the industrial age, but we now live in the age of Information Technology.  The jobs that are increasingly popping are knowledge-based and require specialized skills and many years of knowledge, education, and experience to perform.  This offers employees a rich learning experience at their jobs.  Additionally, the best companies and startup companies of USA have a nurturing work environment and culture where employees work together to ensure that everyone learns together and succeeds!

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  • The best startup companies of America ‘put people first!’  People are the most precious resource anywhere, but this is especially true in business.  That is why all companies have human resources departments which take care of all issues that affect the companies’ employees.  The best startup companies of USA got to that place because they treated their employees and management like precious assets to be nurtured.  These companies create a positive work culture and environment which energizes their employees and management and motivates them to be their most productive.

  • Those startup companies of USA emphasizing research will succeed.  Research is part of research and development.  R & D are what, along with investment, leads to growth and development of nations and companies.  The best startup companies of USA realize this and they have entire departments full of research teams which do primary and secondary research in the quest to find those business processes, sales tactics, and marketing methods, among others, which will make the company more profitable by increasing its revenues streams and lowering its expenses, all while ensuring that the business creates and sustains a competitive advantage.

  • Like minds think together.  When people with talent and discipline work together, the talent and discipline rubs off on even tthose workers who are not so disciplined and talented.  Human resources departments at the best startup companies of USA figured this out long ago, and they made it a point to hire only the best, most experienced, and most talented people as employees.  The results spoke for themselves in the form of greater productivity, a great reputation, and the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage, among other things…
  • Management leads the way.  There is an old saying that the educated elite of any nation lead the masses to prosperity and glory.  The same thing is true of companies.  The business owners of the best startup companies of USA long realized that management nurtures their employees to be the most productive and produce quality work.  They hired managers who were change leaders and developers of people for this reason, and the results spoke for themselves.


While this is not an exhaustive list of the undeniable reasons to love best business in USA, it is a good start.  Startup companies whose leadership and management follow the pointers discussed in this article (and many others) will find their companies to be those which are the pioneers that are change leaders in their industries!


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