Burberry Belts for Men!

Rohit Bauri

Are you confused to buy the Burberry belt? Yes! Don’t despair! Luckily, you have come to the right place. Most often, we end up buying different branded products that we regret later. Sometimes, the prices are too high. In addition, other times, the material is not satisfactory. Or there is a chance that the designs outdates. If this is what exactly stresses you, don’t stress anymore.

Burberry is your one-stop destination brand. Whether you need to gift someone or buying for yourself, shop straight away. The company is a leading manufacturer of varied products for men and women too. The products produced are of premium quality. If you will buy it once, definitely you will end up wanting more.

By far you might go through their website and placed your order. But, if not, now is the time. If you still aren’t convinced yet, here we have the details that you need to know. This will give you the information about the company and its products. Furthermore, persuade you to shop for your personal favorite right away.

Why is the Burberry belt so popular?

The luxury brand Burberry has been a leading manufacturer of men’s belts since time immemorial. It is a luxury brand with costs per belt above 150 pounds or more. The products are of genuine leather. The finest quality leather with the authentic leathery smell. In addition, the design and finishing of every product are excellent.

Along with this, the finishing and the stitching are done by professionals. This makes it all the way more durable. These are very soft to touch. Also, the belts come with the greatest perfection with 5 holes for the buckle pin in the Burberry belt b buckle.

The quality of the buckle is excellent. It comprises solid material which further makes it long-lasting. Thus, it is a luxury brand that is very popular among people. If quality and durability matter more than price, go for it now.

This is the reason for the Burberry leather belt being so popular. Also, this is the reason you are searching for more information about this exclusive product from the brand- Burberry.

How can I find out a fake Burberry belt?

When there are the original products in the market. At the same time, fake developers have come up with the exact replicas for the products. It is mainly because the branded ones are way expensive for common men to afford. So, they prefer the exact replicas of genuine products. This may come with poor quality materials but again these are highly affordable.

But, if you don’t want to spend hard-earned money on replicas, stress not! The quality and durability and finishing should be the ultimate concern. Despite, hefty prices, these belts offer everything that you are looking for in your future purchase.

So, we have curated a few tips. You can use these to identify a fake copy. In case, you come across such replicas, contact the original Burberry representatives immediately.

  • Check the cost of the Burberry belt

A unique Burberry belt will be over the top expensive, their cost going from 150 pounds or more. Any belt beneath this cost might just be a phony. Visit the valid site for Burberry or their authority store and check the costs of the belts there to contrast the cost and what your purchaser is advertising.

  • Check the sewing of the belt

While taking a gander at the belt, look out sewing. A unique belt will have a slick and sturdy join. The join should be finely and flawlessly done, with a decent string all around that streams equally.

A chaotic fasten implies it’s fake. No messy strings will stand out from the edges of the belt. The belt will have 5 openings for the clasp pin too.

  • Lookout at the clasp of the belt

Check the equipment of the belt. Each Burberry belt will have a strong clasp that will be flawless. A phony belt will have an unstable and free clasp, with an inferior quality imprint on it.

  • Feel the material of the belt

Burberry belts are certified leathers. It has a smooth completion and unadulterated weathered smell. It’s delicate and they are flawless. The belt will effectively twist and roll.

Whereas a fake one will have inferior quality cowhide material that is difficult to contact and crease. It won’t possess a scent like genuine ones. Additionally, the shade of the belt ought not to be dull or blurred.

  • Check the logo of Burberry on the belt

A genuine Burberry belt will have the right logo of the brand on it, with no spelling botches. The R’s for Burberry will have pointed edges. Afterward, have a twist followed outwards in case it is authentic.

If there is no edge on the R, it’s fake. Moreover, “Burberry” is in promoted and cold letters, similar to BURBERRY. There will likewise be a little image showing a knight on a pony on the name or logo, called an “Equestrian Knight”, and the knight will confront the left.

  • Check where the belt says “Made in”

All Burberry belts manufacturers in Italy or London. Likewise, check the boxing and bundling of the belt.

Are the Burberry belt reversible in nature?

Yes! A specific product that is monogrammed Burberry mens belt is reversible in nature. This was originally made out of the homage tribute to the founder Thomas Burberry.

What are different Burberry products?

The luxury brand manufactures several products for men, women, and children too. The TB summer monogram, trench coat, and handbags are popular buys.

Every product is the best in quality, genuine leather, and finishing.

Why choose the Burberry belt?

There are several reasons which make the Burberry belt mens a must buy. Read on to know.

  • Firstly, the material is genuine leather with a soft touch and a leathery smell.
  • Secondly, the finishing of the products is excellent.
  • Thirdly, every product designs under professional guidance to give nothing less than the best to customers.
  • Finally, the luxury brand is the dream to own.


This was all about the luxury Burberry men accessories, specifically, the men’s belts. So, if you are the one giving importance to quality, durability, and genuine product rather than the fake ones, it is one of you. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out their online store now!