7 Effective Ways To Suppress Your Appetite 

Tabrez ahemad

A large number of people turn to pills and other medications to try to suppress their hunger. You might need to reduce your appetite or may have been advised to do so by your doctor for several reasons. One of the reasons could be to control weight and diabetes. Regularly overeating can lead to a host of diseases in the body. This article will examine methods for managing your hunger and the role of super-green malay kratom decreases your appetite.

Seven Natural Ways To Reduce Your Appetite

There are a lot of natural ways you can adopt to decrease your appetite. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

  1. Increase your intake of proteins – studies have shown that protein can help decrease your hunger levels, unlike carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, which can make you hungrier quickly.
  2. Drink water before your meals – consuming water for at least 15 to 30 minutes can make you feel full after eating. It also prevents overeating.
  3. Increase your fibre intake – fibre takes significantly longer to break down inside your body than other food items. Hence, it can make you feel full for a long time.
  4. Do not take excessive stress – studies have shown that people tend to overeat when stressed or in a state of anxiety.
  5. Avoid dieting – you must have noticed that during dieting, people tend to overindulge in meals as they are constantly hungry. So, it would be best to intake the required calories to prevent overeating. You can also eat more low-calorie meals to suppress your appetite for a long time.
  6. Increase your physical activity – studies have shown that significantly high-intensity workouts reduce need by releasing hormones that suppress hunger and keep you physically and mentally fit.
  7. Lastly, eat dark chocolate – if you have sugar cravings after your meals, you should consider switching to dark chocolate as it works better than milk chocolate in reducing hunger levels and keeping you satiated for a more extended period. 

Role Of Green Malay Kratom In Suppressing Hunger 

Green Malay kratom is the newest and one of the most popular kratom products. It is a herbal substance derived from evergreen plants’ leaves. It has many health benefits that people across the world recognize. Furthermore, green Malay kratom is a psychoactive plant that can increase your attention and alertness and even improve your heartbeat. It is also considered to have similar addictive properties to opioids and morphine. This section will look at how green Malay kratom suppresses hunger.

Green Malay kratom is used as an active agent to reduce hunger levels. It is generally taken by people suffering from obesity and hypertension. Although green Malay kratom is usually not prescribed by a medical health professional, it can significantly decrease your appetite. However, one must take proper precautions. Green Malay kratom may be unsafe for people with a pre-existing severe health condition, so such patients must take appropriate care. 

Green Malay kratom is unique because of its excellent potent qualities. In addition, it can survive longer and withstand more severe or extreme weather conditions than the other kratom strains. If you take green Malay kratom to suppress your hunger, then make sure you start with less than 2.4 grams and gradually increase it depending on your tolerance levels.

Other Benefits Of Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay kratom has several other health benefits that are being recognized by people worldwide. Some of the major ones are mentioned below.

  1. Pain relief – green Malay kratom is an excellent pain reliever that can be used by people who are recovering from a chronic medical condition or have been in a severe accident.
  2. Mood uplifting – green Malay kratom can enhance your mood significantly and induce positive emotions in you. It does so by stimulating your happy hormones and creating euphoria, reducing depression. Furthermore, green Malay kratom is also considered an excellent treatment for opioid addiction by reducing withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Sexual enhancement – green Malay kratom is also used as a sexual enhancement drug. It can increase your libido and amplify your sexual experiences. 

Side Effects Of Green Malay Kratom 

Green Malay kratom is generally not considered a hundred percent safe product. Many people report many side effects, which could be mild to severe. Some of the most commonly observed side effects of green Malay kratom are mentioned below.

  • Excessive sweating
  • Rashes and itching on sensitive skin
  • Dizziness
  • Hallucinations
  • Epilepsy
  • Damaging to the liver and the heart
  • Besides, green Malay kratom can cause digestive issues like constipation and nausea.

In addition to these issues, long-term or severe problems from consuming green Malay kratom could also occur. These may include weight loss, anorexia, dry mouth, acute withdrawal symptoms like aggression, restlessness, pains in the joints and the muscles, awkward movements of hands and legs, and extreme discomfort. It would help if you took extreme precautions before and after consuming kratom. Make sure you visit the nearest hospital if the symptoms cause significant issues.

Final Words

As you can see, green Malay kratom can be an excellent way to suppress your appetite and lead a healthy life. Besides this, green Malay kratom has other benefits, like improving your mood, relieving pain, and enhancing your sexual experience. It has similar properties to opioids and morphine but is considered a safer option than those. However, using it may also cause different types of mild to severe side effects, and as a result, it is not generally prescribed by a doctor. You must consult a medical health professional if you suffer these side effects after consuming green Malay kratom and its products like kratom cookies or powder. 

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