5 Best Types Of Apps To Download To Earn Money

Tabrez ahemad

There are many ways to earn money. Technological breakthroughs made it possible to earn money with your mobile phone. You can earn money with apps in different ways and in your home’s privacy. App developers would also partner with other businesses in exchange for getting people to try their brands. Here are the ways to earn money using downloadable apps. 

Real Estate Apps 

The real estate industry is a lucrative business where countless people make money. Renting out homes, renovating, and flipping are standard practices in real estate. 

If you don’t have money or skills for building, you can download real estate apps instead. These mobile apps allow users to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). A manager oversees the income produced by the funds gathered in REITs. 

Real estate apps are suitable for beginners who want to dabble in real estate but only have limited funds. REITs are only USD$1 per share, which allows users to invest as little money as they wish. 

The money made from these apps is also made from commercial real estate management. Investors can receive dividends weekly, and they will see them as long as they have access to the internet. 

Cashback Apps 

Shopping can be a fun experience, especially when you can earn back what you have spent. You can download cashback apps to your phone and get a fraction of your money back after shopping. These are among the apps that pay the highest, giving up to 40% cashback. 

These apps are also affiliated with brands that consumers can shop for cashback. Brands or retailers will set up the task, and consumers will need to perform those tasks to get a reward. You Consumers can earn cashback by watching an advertisement video or signing up for deals. 

Some apps will need users to submit proof of purchase, such as a receipt. Most of the time, consumers will get points depending on the accumulated amount. They will need to use the app to make purchases valid for shopping points. 

You can link the app with a bank or registered account using an online payment processor. You’ll have to wait up to 24 hours to update your points.  

Photo And Video Sharing App 

If you enjoy using your mobile phone for taking selfies and videos, you can also get paid for them. This app allows users to upload existing or new images and videos that businesses can buy. Also, brands rely on users’ creativity to promote products and services. 

A few apps will offer you a specific amount in exchange for content. Choose a reputable one and sign up for an account. You will be sharing the profit with the app. It allows many content creators like yourself to continue getting paid. 

In other apps, the tasks involve subjects they want for a photo or what to make as a video. The amount you will get for photos and videos varies. But the range is usually from USD$5 to USD$100. 

You need to connect your payment processor account to the app to get the payment for content. Note that it’s not a high-paying job, but it can count as a way to make extra income. In some cases, it might take time before content gets noticed by many. 

Survey Apps 

People who love sharing their opinions can make money off survey apps. The creators of these apps partner with other businesses to find out what consumers want. It helps them improve products and services for their consumers. There are many survey apps online you can choose from. But you can also select which tends to give app users a higher compensation. 

Download the app and register for an account. You will be asked to provide information to match you with a survey for your demographic. It will include your age, income range, and in which industry you work. 

Rewards can range from a few cents up to $10 or more. Sometimes, these apps will offer more than just money. You can also get gift cards to download games and music or buy items from feature stores.

Ride-Sharing Apps

If you have a car, you can use it for side hustles such as transporting people. You can download a ridesharing app to earn extra income. You can do this kind of job during your free time, especially if you have a day job. They allow you to set your work schedule. Being a driver in a ridesharing app can be your extra source of income. 

A popular driving app operates 24/7, and you can use it, especially during peak hours when you can make more money. High-demand hours are when people are most likely to hail a ridesharing service. You can do this between 7 am to 9 am when people go to work and during the evening rush between 5 pm to 8 pm. 

You can register for only a few minutes. It also involves a screening process for the safety of the passengers. Once clear, you can use the app to start earning immediately. Providing an excellent service might also get you tips.


Mobile apps provide more opportunities for people to make money. Most of these are only for additional income, but the ease of use and convenience works well with the users. 

Businesses use these apps as a way to market products and services. It’s an ingenious way of engaging people and promoting brand awareness that works for all. By downloading these money-making apps, consumers get exposure to a world of possibilities.

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