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44 Pro Gloves- Best Basketball Gloves in 2022

44 pro gloves
44 pro gloves

44 pro gloves have established their brand around letting customers make a one-of-a-kind piece of leather at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly glove, 44 Pro is a great option. In the end, a glove must catch the ball, no matter how it appears. I’ve had the glove for over a year as a current college athlete. An in-depth look at a bespoke 44 glove is what I’d want to share with you. Since 2011, 44 Pro has started producing gloves in San Diego. The Pro 44 series has the most bespoke features, such as meshes and inlay options. Here we will discuss 44 pro gloves.

44 pro gloves overview:

New Angel’s first baseman Justin Bour is one of their many clients, as are several of the league’s brightest young pitchers. Rawlings Pro Preferred leather is used in the Signature Series, which starts at $185, and the C2 series, which is $149, are manufactured from Japanese tanned kip leather. First basemen and catchers have five alternative fielding options: the Pro 44, Crown Tip, the Japanese-inspired JP11, the deep-pocket 574, and the closed-back CB44. 

The leather of 44 pro gloves: 

The glove’s leather quality has held up just as well as either Rawlings or Wilson’s. As a reminder, I’ve used the glove as a pitcher, and it’s in excellent condition. That’s evident in the glove’s condition. Soft and buttery to the touch, the Kip leather is lightweight and long-lasting. “USA Tanned” laces by 44 are advertised as such, and the quality of the laces is also notable. When I got the shoes, the laces were slack, but a quick tightening fixed that.

Laces of 44 pro gloves:

The 44 pro gloves laces are possibly its most important feature. Because of this and the high-quality leather, you may be sure in the glove you’ll be using on the field. Special requests, such as customized logos, are also welcome. The first rule of WPW is that you play better if you look good. For those who can’t afford to spend $260 on a bespoke Heart of the Hide or A2000, 44 Pro might be a viable option. 

The Quality of the Work:

Overall, the Pro 44 is an excellent pattern that can be used on any part of the diamond. The pocket was large enough to accommodate pitch grips while still allowing rapid transfers and hotshots to be snatched up easily. The glove was also really easy to break in. It was game-ready within two weeks of forming and playing catch, and it hasn’t needed much upkeep since. 

Custom 44 gloves:

Any custom-made glove cannot be returned for a refund. All personalized glove orders come with a one-year, non-transferable glove fault guarantee. 44 Pro reserves the right to fix or replace any “defective” gloves. It will take the standard amount of time to repair or replace personalized gloves.

44 baseball gloves:

They are well-made and one of the most economical bespoke gloves available. They employ high-quality leather and equipment to ensure long-lasting gloves. Following are some types of 44 baseball gloves:

Rawlings Pro Preferred baseball gloves:

The best baseball gloves ever created go no further than Rawlings’ Pro Preferred series of gloves. The gloves selected by professional athletes are made of the best materials and have the best game-day pattern. They keep the glove’s shape after break-in features a high-performance sheepskin lining and kip skin leather. A wide range of web types and placements are available for Rawlings pro-approved gloves.

Wilson A2k baseball glove:

It is Wilson’s best baseball glove, and they don’t make any better than the A2k model. Even though the A2K series is one of the greatest baseball gloves, it can fight with any other glove in the market. The reduction in downtime is largely made possible by the 3X increase in mater craftsman shaping. All you need to do is pitch and catch for a few days to get started.

44 pro gloves

44 pro gloves

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves Series:

Using only 5% of the hide’s leather available from Rawling, the mitt’s typical hide’s leather is used to make the heart of the mitt. Plush padding is provided with tanned deer cowhide and palm lining. With a traditional back and various webbing options, the Rawlings HOH glove is already a popular choice.

MLB Baseball Gloves: Wilson A2000 Series:

We all know that Wilson’s A2000 baseball and softball gloves are now the most popular on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best. The leather used in its production provides for a more durable product with a quicker break-in time. The Dri lex wrist lining is extremely breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing the glove to hold its shape better over time.

44 pro gloves reviews:

Following are 44 pro gloves reviews:

Pro Preferred 44:

My son just adores his. He claimed that it was really simple to get inside. He previously used a Pro Preferred but has switched to the 44. When his younger brother received the Pro Preferred from his older sibling, he was overjoyed.

Great service:

A basket web instead of a trapeze was what I ordered when I placed the order—great service when I called the company. 


There’s no arguing that custom baseball gloves are of the highest quality and stand out on the field. Despite a few minor flaws, the leather and overall construction of the bag are first-rate. While not everyone can afford a bespoke Rawlings or Wilson because they attend a DI school, the $185 price tag on the custom baseball gloves provides you the opportunity to construct the leather piece of your dreams. 


How much time does it take to obtain a customized glove?

Custom gloves might take anywhere from five to six weeks to produce. It’s worth noting that orders placed during a promotional period may take longer to build.

Are 44 baseball gloves of many colors available?

To avoid damaging the dye color of your glove, we do not advocate using any of the products listed above. Only the 44 baseball gloves should be used.

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