4 Fantastic Ways to Design and Use Custom Challenge Coins

Rajiv Gupta

Are you thinking about designing your custom challenge coins? Only a few people are familiar with custom challenge coins these days. With a history shrouded in mystery, they’re compelling to many military and history buffs but are only gaining popularity with a younger audience. If you’ve heard of custom challenge coins and want to know more, this article is for you.

Today, we’ll help you better understand custom challenge coins by giving you design tips and ideas for using them. They make for an incredible commemorative gift, so read on and learn all you can about challenge coins today.

Using Challenge Coins to Commemorate Someone Special

The story goes that challenge coins were issued after a WWI pilot was shot down in France.

Before this, a wealthy lieutenant gave his entire unit these coins, which the pilot strung around his neck. After he was shot down, captured, stripped of his belongings, and sent on his way, he was then found by French forces who assumed he was an enemy spy because he had no ID on him. As they were about to execute him, he remembered the coin he’d received, which was marked with his division and unit number – the cash saved his life.

This story is one of the reasons to use challenge coins to represent good fortune and perseverance. Giving someone a challenge coin, whether for a sporting event or a retirement, sends a message of good luck to the recipient.

Understanding Your Options

When you buy custom challenge coins on a website like challengecoins4less.com, you’ll see that there’s almost no limit to what you can put on a challenge coin. With the help of a professional designer, you can choose your metal, color, style, shape, and edge. 

From there, you can start designing what you want on the face of your challenge coin. If you have a design in mind, you can work with the designer to bring it to fruition. If you’re working from scratch, there’s a lot you can explore on a challenge coin, but it all starts with knowing who or what you’re making it for.

Your Coin’s Concept

The best way to design a custom challenge coin from scratch is to think about why you’re having it made. Is it to give out to a sports team for a job well done at the end of a long season, or is it for a retirement party for a long-standing employee? 

Let the theme of the gift dictate the concept of the coin. There are numerous stock options on most custom challenge coin sites to get you started, but if you want something unique, bring your design to the table.

Going 3-D

One of the best innovations in making custom challenge coins is the 3-D mold. This gives the currency an extra detail and texture that you don’t get on a cash with a flat surface.

When making your cash, you’ll have to decide on its size. If you’re going for a 3-D design, you’ll want a giant coin to capture all the detail.

The Many Benefits of Custom Challenge Coins

Now that you know more about why and how to design custom challenge coins, you can start your design. There are many reasons to use custom challenge coins, whether to commemorate occasions or people. If you’ve got a loved one that’s just had a major life accomplishment, consider making them a custom challenge coin.

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