10 Ways to Free up Space on a Mac

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Did you know that there are more than 100 million active users when it comes to Mac computers in the world? Mac computers are one of the most popular options today thanks to their excellent battery life and ease of use. One obstacle you could encounter regarding your Mac computer is figuring out how to free up space on a Mac.

Your Mac hard drive could get full fast if you’re using it for school or business purposes, so you must learn how to optimize your Mac storage by deleting Mac files and organizing the things you need to keep.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn helpful tips that make freeing up space on a Mac a breeze. Keep reading this article for ten helpful Mac storage tips today.

Optimize Storage

There are several valuable things that you should consider doing to free up space on a Mac. It would help if you considered putting many built-in tools to good use. The more free space you have on your Mac computer, the better, so make sure you’re using the Storage Management Tools that come with your Mac computer.

If you are someone that has a ton of files that you’re trying to store, then getting storage through iCloud is a great option. You can also select the Reduce Clutter option for Mac storage. This removes useless files on your Mac that you don’t need.

Get Rid of Unused Apps

The odds are you have several apps on your Mac computer that you have yet to use. These apps take up space on your computer’s hard drive, but there are a few different routes you can take when deleting them from your computer.

The first option is to go into your applications and find the ones you want to eliminate. Drag them into the trashcan on your computer. You can also delete these apps through Launchpad by clicking and holding on to an app. It should start shaking and allow you to press the “x,” which will delete the app from your Mac.

These tips are a sure way to organize your Mac and keep it at peak performance.

Remove Duplicate Files

Another big part of organizing Mac storage is finding and eliminating duplicate files on your computer. Some computers have duplicate files taking up to 30 percent of the warehouse. It would help if you considered finding a software program to help you locate and eliminate these annoying files.

This will save you hours of your time and ensure your Mac storage is in a great place for years to come.

Empty Trash Automatically

It is also easy for the trashcan on your Mac hard drive to get full without you noticing. Those files will continue to sit in that trashcan until you take the time to empty them manually. The good news is that you can set it up, so it opens itself automatically.

This will take one more thing off your plate while also helping you free up space on your Mac computer.

Clear Your Browser Cache

No matter which browser you choose on your Mac computer, clearing your browser cache is a great way to free up space on a Mac. This is especially true if you use your Mac computer to browse the web. The cache is meant to help you load previous websites with less loading time.

After a while, the cache will start to cause your computer to run slower, thanks to a lack of storage on your Mac hard drive.

Delete Unused Language Files

Each Mac computer comes with more than 180 different languages loaded onto it. These languages require several files and a ton of storage. The odds are that you’ll never need any of these language files, so you’re better off deleting them and saving space on your Mac computer.

Clean Up Your Mac Desktop

Storing things on the desktop of your Mac computer is a great way to slow your Mac down. An effective way to free up space on a Mac is to make sure that you’re saving files and photos to folders on your Mac rather than to your desktop. This is even worse when your computer is set up to show previews of thumbnails. 

Delete Mail Attachments

Another big killer when it comes to Mac storage is attachments that you get through your email. If you use your Mac computer to run a business or work from home, it should be no surprise that those emails add up quickly. Ensure you’re managing your Mac hard drive by deleting these mail attachments.

Get Rid of Previous iOS Backups

Backing up your Mac computer is brilliant, but you only need backups up to your most recent one. Each of these backups takes up massive space on your Mac hard drive. Free up space on a Mac by deleting old and useless backups.

Clean Up Downloads

Downloads are another significant cause of running out of Mac storage. Deleting Mac files like previous downloads is an effective way of freeing up space on a Mac.

All you’ll need to do is use Finder to access all of your downloads. From there, you can remove any useless files and move them into your trashcan.

Free Up Space On a Mac Today

If you want to keep your Mac computer running like new for years to come, you must know what you’re doing to free up space on a Mac. Ensure you clear your browser cache and remove all Mac language files on your computer. You should also clean up downloads and avoid saving files on your desktop.

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