10 Nonprofit Marketing Tips to Help Your Cause

Tabrez ahemad

What do your fundraising efforts look like for your nonprofit? Nonprofit giving has increased by 4.1% in the last year, and 12.1% for online donations. You need opportunities to share your message and grow your organization if you rely solely on your website or events to drive your marketing and donations. Read on to learn ten nonprofit marketing tips, take your organization to the next level, and see donations increase for your cause.

Learn to Tell Your Story

Whether with words or visuals; you need to learn to tell the story of your nonprofit or cause. To move donors to give, you need to connect their hearts to your message.

Write out and practice your short elevator speech and refine what you want people to know and what would connect them to the heart of your cause.

Make Your Marketing Donor-Focused

Create marketing materials that focus on the desires of your donors.

Build relationships with donors based on insights you learn about them and keep the conversation going with connection points that drive them to stay engaged with your organization. Donors will likely give if they can find their role in your nonprofit.

Use Email to Nurture Potential or Past Donors

Along the same lines of keeping your marketing donor-focused, another essential part of nonprofit marketing is nurturing your potential or past donors.

Use email campaigns or automation to keep the relationship growing between your organization and donors, both past and future.

Utilize Social Media

Nonprofit advertising doesn’t just happen at events or when people stumble upon your website. Use social media to share your marketing message in a multitude of ways.

Use real stories, images, testimonials, impact videos, and other social content to draw in new interest, support, and donors.

Build Your Donation Webpage 

Once people connect with you on social media, you need to have a place to send them.

The worst thing could be that someone finds your ad on social media and clicks to visit your website, only to find an outdated website or nowhere to learn more and donate. Update or add a donation webpage to your site that summarizes your messaging and gives people a place to donate.

Don’t Forget to Use Print Marketing

Even though the world relies heavily on digital marketing, there’s still value in print marketing materials.

Create marketing brochures that capture the essence of your cause and will be handy to share at events or in meetings with potential donors. You’ll always be prepared to share about your nonprofit with brochures, flyers, or business cards on hand.

Involve SEO

Getting your message out is more manageable if people can find your message. Tap into the power of SEO to get your organization in front of more people. Increase your opportunity to find donors by honing your organization’s SEO marketing.

Build Your Database

Keep bringing in new donors or partners by building your database. Consider sending a monthly email newsletter to keep people connected to your cause, give them a chance to share with others, and add incentives for people to join your email list or database.

Keep your list from growing stale by shoulder-tapping the same people. Make sure your database continues to grow and develop over time.

Make Sure to Follow-Up

As you navigate all your nonprofit marketing ideas, remember the power of follow-up.

Marketing doesn’t stop with a social media post or an event. Keep donors or potential partners engaged by following up consistently and effectively. Use email, notecards in the mail, or a phone call to show donors that you appreciate their support. 

Consider Partnerships

Consider another route to grow your nonprofit through finding partner organizations. Find an organization that shares your values and that you can mutually contribute to one another’s success.

Determine what you want in a nonprofit partnership and what would make an impactful collaboration.

Grow Your Organization with Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit marketing doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can work on one marketing strategy at a time to find what works best for you and the organization. The key is to bank on more than one marketing strategy to carry your growth and development as a company.

Keep learning to be a confident nonprofit or business owner by tapping the Business tab. Build a foundation for your organization by reading tips and resources to keep you moving forward.

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